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What is NearPad?

In short: A launchpad, DEX Aggregator, and Yield Aggregator all in one. NearPAD is changing the way communities and developers access open finance tools for crowdfunding, asset management, and yield optimization. The platform will also be the first DAO-led protocol on Aurora by giving its community complete control over how treasury and public funds are utilized for the ecosystem.

NearPAD is a one-stop-shop bridging disruptor to markets that need disrupting, startups to user base, and users to products they can actually use. It is a platform for launching successful crowdfunding for startups while giving the community fair access to vetted and secure opportunities.

NearPAD is a return to form for blockchain innovation where development is driven by a desire to solve palpable problems rather than abstractions. Developed on the emerging NEAR blockchain. Focusing on interoperability, accessibility, negligible gas fees, and scalability, NEAR’s development has incorporated some of the best research in the field with none of the weaknesses, creating a blockchain ready for mass consumption and adoption.

NearPAD is set to pave the way into the heart of an ecosystem that is starting to gain traction and in need of a platform for developers, investors, and community to foster growth. It aims to be the flagship gateway for the DeFi ecosystem on NEAR blockchain. Its development focuses on addressing user’s pain points, creating an easy-to-use and intuitive platform on one of the most exciting L1 platforms in the industry.


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