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Movel AI

Movel AI

An artificial Intelligence company which has developed a robot navigation software platform. It is located in Singapore and was founded in 2016.

Movel AI is a Singapore-based company building software for robotic navigation using computer vision and sensor fusion with the stated intention of allowing robots to operate in challenging contexts, such as busy airports, popular restaurants, and high-producing factories.The company is seeking to fill a gap in robotics navigation as LIDAR-based systems are usually expensive to use in robotics and can only be used by large entities.


The company's product is called Polaris and uses computer vision cameras and sensors, including a graphics processing unit, RGB-D camera and distance senors, to collect data about feature points of the environment in which the robot is functioning. This technology allows for the robot to be less accident-prone, thus being more productive in work environments.

Other features of Polaris include pre-planned and on-board path planning and shared map learning between robots. Centralized and decentralized control is available and he platform is compatible with Linux and Robot Operating System.


Movel AI was founded.


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