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Minimum (carbon offsetting company)

Minimum (carbon offsetting company)

Minimum is a carbon tracking and carbon offsetting company

Minimum is a carbon tracking and carbon offsetting company that works to help businesses make their operations carbon neutral. Minimum's platform allows businesses to calculate the carbon footprint of its product and services and Minimum provides that company with a set of carbon offsetting projects to neutralize their environmental impact. This is done through Minimum's API, which can be embedded to provide carbon calculation and offsetting functionality directly into a business process. Minimum also offers a web application with similar capabilities.


Minimum's platform, through the company's API or its no-code tool, works to help make climate action simple and accessible. This includes being able to remove what Minimum sees as the common obstacles to effective climate change, including having an expertise in calculating emissions, sourcing and negotiating terms with offsetting projects, building an automated system for calculating and offsetting emissions, and building a tool to track and communicate those impacts.

The API is intended to allow businesses to embed the carbon offsetting optionality into their operations and for their customers. As well, the company offers a no-code tool that allows businesses to manually select the activities they would like to offset. Either tool allows businesses to build automation into carbon neutralization to sales or projects.

Furthermore, the platform is built to allow a company to decide what parts, if not the entirety of a business, the company wishes to neutralize. This could mean providing carbon offsets for particular products or an entire business operation. Either way, Minimum states its API is capable of handling many levels of data and granularity.


Part of Minimum's platform, the Office tool works to help businesses calculate, reduce, and offset emissions. This begins with an assessment of the given company to understand its emissions from data from around the businesses activities, including employee commutes, cloud commuting, and other activities. The platform is also capable of monitoring those emissions and offering suggestions or places where a business could reduce those emissions towards a net-zero strategy. And the tracking allows a company to see differences in emissions from changes made to reduce those emissions and ensure they are having the intended effect.

The platform also allows businesses to further minimize their carbon output with carbon offset and carbon removal projects, from which the company is able to choose. And the platform allows those companies to generate reports based on those activities intended to be ready-to-use for media and communication materials.


Projects that users of Minimum's platform could choose from include: developing solar power plants in the Dominican Republic, efficient cooking stoves in Kenya, wind farms in Turkey, and community reforestation in Nicaragua. As well, Minimum states the company is always looking for new projects to help their customers, and in turn help the customers of those businesses.

The projects the company is focused on include reforestation, blue carbon, renewable energy, direct air carbon capture, CFC removal, waste biogas, emerging technologies, and fuel-efficient cookstove projects.


June 15, 2021
Minimum raises a $2,600,000 seed round from AGO Partners, Clocktower Technology Ventures, Dutch Founders Fund and Octopus Ventures.

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