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Max Tagher

Max Tagher

A business person and entrepnreuer. He is the CTO at Mercury Bank.

Maximilian (Max) Tagher is an American business person, entrepreneur, and programmer who is originally from Kentucky, where he graduated from Ryle High School in 2009. He attended Western Kentucky University before leaving in 2012. Tagher worked at the Florida Forensics Institute and is now based in San Francisco, California, where he co-founded Mercury Bank in 2017, a financial technology company that works as a bank for startups and is backed by Andreesen Horowitz.The company focuses on proving banking services to technology companies as well as international small businesses that are seeking bank accounts in the United States. In addition to being a co-founder, Tagher also acts as the Chief Technology Officer of the company.

He previously worked with his fellow co-founders as a programmer at HeyZap, a mobile advertisement network. He is a part of the Yesod-web organization on Github and has made multiple contributions to the Yesod/Persistent ecosystem.Tagher is also an avid photographer and rock climber, with documented experiences throughout the United States.


Tagher co-founds Mercury Bank.
Tagher leaves Western Kentucky University.
Tagher graduates from high school.


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Max Tagher


October 2, 2018


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