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Lucigen is a biotechnology company offering research and testing products and services to life science professionals. The company was founded in 1998, and is headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Lucigen was founded in Middleton, Wisconsin in 1998, and offers products and services that enable life-science professionals to perform their research and testing. The company manufacture and sell over 325 biomedical research products and services to customers worldwide, all under an ISO 13485 compliant quality system. Core functions include enzyme evolution, protein expression, cloning, competent cells, next generation sequencing, and molecular diagnostics.

Products and services
Array-based analysis

Array-based analysis is the labelling and amplification of RNA. Products offered by Lucigen include:

  • Biotin-16-UTP
  • TargetAmp™ 1-Round Biotin-aRNA Amplification Kit 105
  • TargetAmp™-Nano Labeling Kit for Illumina® Expression BeadChip®
CRISPR gene editing

This category of products includes both gene editing nucleases and gene editing controls. Products offered by Lucigen in this category include:

  • CRISPRcraft™ S.p. Cas9 Nuclease
  • CRISPRcraft™ S.p. Cas9 Nuclease Control Kit
Cloning kits & vectors

Cloning kits & vectors offered by Lucigen include general cloning, BAC/Fosmid cloning, and accessory cloning kit products. Product offerings are:

  • CloneSmart® Cloning Kits (pSMART® Vectors)
  • BigEasy® v2.0 Linear Cloning System (pJAZZ® Vectors)
  • CopyControl™ Fosmid Library Production Kits
  • MaxPlax™ Lambda Packaging Extracts
  • CopyRight® v2.0 BAC Cloning Kits (pSMART® BAC)
  • End-It™ DNA End-Repair Kit
  • Fast-Link™ DNA Ligation Kit
Competent cells

Competent cells are used for genomic library construction & general cloning, phage display library applications, CRISPR fragment cloning, protein expression, low endotoxin cells, custom competent cells, and recovery media. Products offered by Lucigen in this category include:

  • E. cloni® 10G Chemically Competent Cells
  • TransforMax™ EC100™ Electrocompetent and Chemically Competent E. coli
  • E. cloni® 10G and 10GF' Electrocompetent Cells
  • E. cloni® 5-alpha Chemically Competent Cells
  • Phage Display Competent Cells
  • Endura™ Competent Cells
  • TransforMax™ EPI300™ Electrocompetent and Chemically Competent E. coli
  • CopyCutter™ EPI400™ Electrocompetent and Chemically Competent E. coli
  • TransforMax™ EPI300™-T1R Electrocompetent E. coli
  • BAC-Optimized Replicator™ v2.0 & 10G BAC-Optimized Electrocompetent Cells
  • BigEasy®-TSA™ Electrocompetent Cells
  • BigEasy®-TSA™ Electrocompetent Cells
  • OverExpress™ C41(DE3) and C43(DE3) Competent Cells
  • E. cloni® EXPRESS BL21(DE3) Competent Cells
  • HI-Control™ BL21(DE3) and HI-Control™ 10G Competent Cells
  • ClearColi® BL21(DE3) Electrocompetent Cells
  • Custom Competent Cell Preparation Services
  • Recovery Medium
  • Expression Recovery Medium

Enzymes offered by Lucigen are for multiple applications and are offered in several categories such as modifying enzymes, DNA nucleases, RNA nucleases, DNA & RNA nucleases, polymerases, reverse transcriptase enzymes, and RNase inhibitors. Enzymes offered by Lucigen include:

  • NxGen® T4 DNA Ligase
  • ATP Solution
  • Ampligase® Thermostable DNA Ligase
  • CircLigase™ ssDNA Ligase
  • CircLigase™ II ssDNA Ligase
  • T4 RNA Ligase 2, Deletion Mutant
  • T4 Polynucleotide Kinase, Cloned
  • RNA 5´ Polyphosphatase
  • RNase-Free DNase I
  • Baseline-ZERO™ DNase
  • Plasmid-Safe™ ATP-Dependent DNase
  • Exonuclease VII
  • Exonuclease III, E. coli
  • Rec J Exonuclease
  • Exonuclease I, E. coli
  • Hybridase™ Thermostable RNase H
  • RNase A
  • RNase I, E. coli
  • RNase R
  • Terminator™ 5´-Phosphate-Dependent Exonuclease
  • OmniCleave™ Endonuclease
  • NxGen® phi29 DNA Polymerase
  • NxGen® T7 RNA Polymerase
  • T7 R&DNA™ Polymerase
  • Exo-Minus Klenow DNA Polymerase (D355A, E357A)
  • Poly(A) Polymerase Tailing Kit
  • EpiScript™ RNase H- Reverse Transcriptase
  • MMLV High Performance Reverse Transcriptase
  • NxGen® M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase
  • Sygnis SunScript™ Reverse Transcriptase RNase H-
  • NxGen® RNase Inhibitor
  • RiboGuard™ RNase Inhibitor
In Vitro Transcription

In vitro transcription products include high yield in vitro transcription kitts, NTP solutions, and nuclease resistant in vitro transcription kits. Products offered in this category by Lucigen include:

  • AmpliScribe™ T7 High Yield Transcription Kit
  • AmpliScribe™ T7-Flash™ Transcription Kit
  • AmpliScribe™ T7-Flash™ Biotin-RNA Transcription Kit
  • Ribonucleoside-5’-Triphosphate Solutions and 2’-Fluorine-Nucleoside-5’-Triphosphate Solutions
  • DuraScribe® T7 Transcription K
Next generation DNA sequencing

Next generation sequencing products offered by Lucigen include:

  • NxSeq® UltraLow DNA Library Kit, 12 Reactions and Single Indexing Kits
  • NxSeq® UltraLow DNA Library Kit, 96 Reactions and Dual Indexing Kits
  • NxSeq® AmpFREE Low DNA Library Kits and Adaptors (Illumina-compatible)
Nucleic acid extraction and purification

This category of products offered by Lucigens includes products for DNA purification, DNA extraction, and buffers reagents that aid DNA extraction and purification. Products include:

  • FosmidMAX™ DNA Purification Kit
  • MasterPure™ DNA Purification Kit for Blood Version II
  • MasterPure™ Complete DNA and RNA Purification Kit
  • MasterPure™ Gram Positive DNA Purification Kit
  • MasterPure™ Yeast RNA Purification Kit
  • MasterPure™ Yeast DNA Purification Kit
  • QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution
  • QuickExtract™ FFPE DNA Extraction Kit
  • QuickExtract™ Plant DNA Extraction Solution
  • QuickExtract™ RNA Extraction Kit
  • Proteinase K
  • MasterPure™ Bulk Reagents
  • Ready-Lyse™ Lysozyme Solution
PCR & amplification

Products offered by Lucigen in this category include products used in polymerase chain reactions (PCR) such as PCR ingredients, LAMP & Isothermal Amplification ingredients, cDNA Synthesis & RT-PCR, and PCR accessory reagents. Products include:

  • CloneID™ 1X Colony PCR Master Mix
  • EconoTaq® PLUS and EconoTaq PLUS GREEN 2X Master Mixes
  • EconoTaq® DNA Polymerase
  • FailSafe™ PCR Systems
  • FailSafe™ PCR Enzyme and 2X PreMix Buffers
  • MasterAmp™ PCR Optimization Kit and Components
  • MasterAmp™ Taq DNA Polymerase
  • MasterAmp™ Tth DNA Polymerase
  • LavaLAMP™ DNA Master Mix
  • LavaLAMP™ DNA Component Kit
  • LavaLAMP™ RNA Master Mix
  • LavaLAMP™ RNA Component Kit
  • Bst DNA Polymerase, Exonuclease Minus
  • Sygnis TruePrime™ WGA Kit
  • Sygnis TruePrime™ Single Cell WGA Kit version 2.0
  • Sygnis TruePrime™ RCA Kit
  • Sygnis SunScript™ One Step RT-PCR Kit
  • MessageBOOSTER™ cDNA Synthesis Kit for qPCR
  • MessageBOOSTER™ cDNA Synthesis from Cell Lysates Kit
  • MMLV Reverse Transcriptase 1st-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit
  • PCR Grade dNTPs
  • Premixed dNTP Solutions
  • Uracil N-Glycosylase (UNG)
  • Nuclease-Free Water
Protein expression

Lucigen offers kits that screen for protein expression in bacteria and other organisms. Products in this category offered by Lucigen include:

  • Expresso® Solubility and Expression Screening System
  • Expresso® Rhamnose Cloning & Protein Expression System
  • Expresso® SUMO Cloning and Expression Systems
  • Expresso® T7 Cloning and Expression System
  • SelecTEV™ Protease
Transposon mutagenesis

Lucigen offers products for in-vitro and in-vivo transposon mutagenesis. Products offered in this category include:

  • EZ-Tn5™ <R6Kγori/KAN-2> Insertion Kit
  • EZ-Tn5™ <T7/KAN-2> Promoter Insertion Kit
  • EZ-Tn5™ <KAN-2>, EZ-Tn5™ <TET-1>, and EZ-Tn5™ <DHFR-1> Insertion Kits
  • EZ-Tn5™ Transposase
  • EZ-Tn5™ <R6Kγori/KAN-2>Tnp Transposome™ Kit
  • EZ-Tn5™ <KAN-2>Tnp Transposome™ Kit
  • TypeOne™ Restriction Inhibitor
  • TransforMax™ EC100D™ pir+ and pir-116 Electrocompetent E. coli


May 2016
Lucigen raises a $2,200,000 venture round.
January 2015
Lucigen raises a $2,000,000 series A round.
January 2012
Lucigen raises a $1,700,000 venture round from Silicon Pastures and Wisconsin Investment Partners.

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