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LinguaTrip Inc. is an American company that specializes in assistance in studying abroad. Founded in 2015 in California, United States by Dmitry Pistolyako, Marina Mogilko and Dmitry Kravchuk. is an American online English learning platform. With LinguaTrip, you can book foreign language courses to study the language where it is spoken and enroll in foreign universities.

We work with more than 350 language schools in the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, and Malta.


Marina Mogilko started traveling to the UK for language courses when she was 14. Striving to cut down on travel agents’ commission, she did everything herself: collected the necessary documents and corresponded with schools. It took longer, but it was cheaper.

In 2011, Marina's classmate, Dmitry Pistolyako, offered her to start a business. The idea was simple — to organize trips to language courses abroad.

At first, Marina and Dima worked from an office in St. Petersburg, where they could receive customers. Two years later, it became clear that a website was needed so that users could book language courses and accommodation without leaving home.

In 2013, work on the website started. The first developer did not handle the project but instead brought a cool colleague to the team. It was Dmitry Kravchuk. He became the third LinguaTrip co-founder.

In 2014, the co-founders got into a startup accelerator — SumIT, based in Saint Petersburg. After graduating from the accelerator, Marina Mogilko met John Remey — a young entrepreneur from the Forbes list. She managed to convince the businessman that LinguaTrip had great prospects.

The next morning, the co-founders received an invitation to the 500 Startups accelerator and flew to the USA. At 500 Startups, they took business development courses and received a $ 100,000 investment. A couple of months later, they registered LinguaTrip Inc. in the United States.

But that was just the beginning! In 2015, we created the LinguaTrip platform, where we started helping ambitious students enroll in universities abroad. And in 2018, the first online English language courses were added to it.

Now LinguaTrip is an international company with its main office in San Francisco. The company's employees — there are already more than 70 of them — work remotely from Russia, Canada, the USA, and Europe.



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