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Keysight is a Santa Rosa, California-based electronic design, test automation, and equipment measurement solutions provider.


Keysight provides electronic design, test automation, and measurement equipment solutions for the aerospace, defense, automotive, energy, communications, government, and other industries. The company was founded in November 2014 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard and is headquartered in Santa Rosa, California. Keysight has a legacy from Hewlett-Packard and Agilent legacy and offers solutions for its key industries with software and consistent measurement science.

Keysight measurement products

Keysight offers different design and testing systems for electronic systems for avionics, radar, communication systems, satellite, surveillance, and GPS. These measurement products are used by wireless equipment manufacturers to build products and create better user experiences. Some of these include RF test and measurement equipment used in the development of computers and semiconductors. These products can further help the designers of digital devices achieve desired performance while verifying compliance and interoperability with industry standards. The company's product category is broken down by oscilloscopes and analyzers; meters; generators, sources, and power; wireless; modular instruments; network testing; network security and visibility; and software.

Oscilloscopes and analyzers

Under this product category, Keysight's products include the following:

  • Oscilloscopes
  • Spectrum analyzers (Signal analyzers)
  • Network analyzers
  • Logic analyzers
  • Protocol analyzers and exercisers
  • Bit error ratio testers
  • Noise figure analyzers and noise sources
  • High-speed digitizers and multichannel data acquisition solutions
  • AC power analyzers
  • DC power analyzers
  • Materials test equipment
  • Device current waveform analyzers
  • Parameter and device analyzers

Under this product category, Keysight offers the following:

  • Digital multimeters (DMM)
  • Phase noise measurement
  • Power meters and power sensors
  • Frequency counter products
  • LCR meters and impedance measurement products
  • B2980 series femto/picoammeter and electronic meters
Generators, sources, and power

Under this product category, Keysight offers the following:

  • Signal generators
  • Waveform and function generators
  • Arbitrary waveform generators
  • Pulse generator products
  • HEV/EV/Grid emulators and test systems
  • DC power supplies
  • Source measure units
  • DC electronic loads
  • AC power sources

Under this product category, Keysight includes the following:

  • Wireless network emulators
  • Channel emulators
  • Nemo wireless network solutions
  • 5G OTA chambers
  • Wireless analyzers
  • IoT regulatory compliance solutions
Modular instruments

Under this product category, Keysight includes the following:

  • PXI products
  • AXIe products
  • Data acquisition
  • USB products
  • VXI products
  • Reference solutions
Network test

Under this product category, Keysight offers the following:

  • Protocol and load test
  • Network test hardware
  • Cloud test
  • Performance monitoring
  • 5G NR base station test
  • Radio access and core network test
Network security and visibility

Under this product category, Keysight includes the following:

  • Network packet brokers
  • Cloud visibility
  • Network taps
  • Bypass switches
  • TimeKeeper
  • Network Security
  • Application and threat intelligence

Keysight, under software, offers the company's PathWave software platform. This is a set of CAD tools for high-frequency systems and circuit and modelling applications. For users, the platform offers advanced design systems for circuit design and simulation with extensive libraries and design guides; EM design for electromagnetic modelling and simulation for 3D components; RF synthesis for RF and microwave circuit and printed circuit board (PCB) simulations; RFIC Design for radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) simulation in order to model and validate complex and integrated circuits; System design for system-level design and simulation software for system architects and algorithm developers; and device modelling software, for IC-CAP, model builder, and model quality assurance tools for silicon and III-V devices and design kit model checking.


May 25, 2021
Keysight Technologies acquires Quantum Benchmark.
Keysight was founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard.


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September 26, 2019
The Economic Times
Tech Mahindra will use Keysights 5G protocol and radio frequency/radio resource management (RF/RRM) carrier acceptance toolsets, part of Keysights 5G network emulation solutions.


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