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Insight (software)

Insight (software)

Insight is a computer hardware, software, cloud, and IT service company and platform.

Insight is an information technology company engaged in the provision of software for helping businesses, government organizations, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions. The company operates in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. The company was founded by Eric Crown and Timothy A. Crown in 1988 and is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. Insight works to help customers develop technology in the areas of office productivity, unified communications, mobility, network and security, data center, virtualization, data protection, and cloud computing.

Digital Innovation

Insight's digital innovation solutions include connected platform and services in order to provide IT solutions for the development of IT infrastructure and the management of the same structure once in place. This includes data analysis and connected technologies directed towards optimizing operations; personalized customer experiences in order to offer solutions for customer needs and engage customers better; tools for training and strengthening teams in order to try and boost productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction; and other tools to help the company's customers modernize their software offerings and applications.

Cloud Enablement

Insight offers cloud computing solutions to help bring customers' IT onto cloud servers. Through the company's cloud enablement service that is offered with Microsoft Azure, customers are offered guidance, compliance, and efficiency services.

Data and AI

Insight offers data and artificial intelligence services in order to analyze and develop insight into an organization's data and efficiency through customized analytics, reporting tools, dashboards, and scorecards. This is intended, according to Insight, to help their customers' companies generate better business intelligence and data management procedures to increase efficiency.


Insight offers customers DevOps systems to help develop and maintain IT infrastructure, including the necessary process and tools for strategic goals of the customer's company. The service is intended to increase the speed of development to production, to develop feedback through the development cycle, and to develop new tools for the business.

Intelligent Applications

Through this service, Insight works to help businesses develop enterprise applications and tools to improve business tools or create efficiencies in the business. This includes developing cloud applications, using open-source software, and developing web and mobile applications.


Insight offers IoT and intelligent devices for developing edge computing services in order to increase business production, develop tracking capabilities, and increase the real-time data access and development.

Transformation services

Insight offers transformation services to help customer businesses to help improve internal processes or external products and improve or provide proven methodologies. This can include offering organizational chain management in order to organize a business around achieving the business's goals, or offering learning and development programs to help staff grow and develop new skills to improve their performance.

Cloud and Data Center Transformation

Insight offers products for developing or introducing cloud and data center infrastructure and services. This includes developing options for reducing complexity in order to increase efficiency, offering expertise and consulting solutions, and developing end-to-end solution designs.

Sustainable economy

Insight says the company is committed to helping develop a sustainable economy through technological and software developments in businesses. Part of the commitment is through technology to develop connections between coworkers, and more generally, people, as well as innovations in technology to develop more sustainable solutions for companies' sustainability goals. As well, Insight has partnered with the UN Global Compact to help develop sustainable solutions globally. Insight is also engaged in charitable programs, including the Boys & Girls Clubs, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, and United Way. The company is also a part of the Responsible Business Alliance.


September 2019
Insight Enterprises acquires PCM Inc. for worth $581 million.




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Using information obtained from around a dozen earthquakes detected on Mars by the Very Broad Band SEIS seismometer, developed in France, the international team of NASA's InSight mission has unveiled the internal structure of Mars. The three papers published on July 23, 2021 in the journal Science, involving numerous co-authors from French institutions and laboratories, including the CNRS, the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, and Université de Paris, and supported in particular by the French space agency CNES and the French National Research Agency ANR, provide, for the first time, an estimate of the size of the planet's core, the thickness of its crust and the structure of its mantle, based on the analysis of seismic waves reflected and modified by interfaces in its interior. It makes this the first ever seismic exploration of the internal structure of a terrestrial planet other than Earth, and an important step towards understanding the formation and thermal evolution of Mars.
Science X staff
July 22, 2021
Based on the analysis of marsquakes recorded by NASA's InSight mission, the structure of Mars's crust has now been determined in absolute numbers for the first time. Beneath the InSight landing site, the crust is either approximately 20 or 39 kilometers thick. That is the result of an international research team led by geophysicist Dr. Brigitte Knapmeyer-Endrun at the University of Cologne's Institute of Geology and Mineralogy and Dr. Mark Panning at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (Caltech). InSight stands for "Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport." NASA's lander, which landed on Mars on 26 November 2018, explores the crust, mantle and core of the red planet. The paper "Thickness and structure of the Martian crust from InSight seismic data' will appear in Science on July 23.
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Why can't Ingenuity use its blades to clear panels? It's 2,145 miles away
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InSight's solar panels are covered in Martian dust, decreasing their energy production. Without a "significant" boost, the mission will likely end.
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The space agency's scientists believe the seismic events are caused by a sudden release of energy from the planet's interior.
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A fresh round of funding will be used to fuel new technology developments and increase sales at Birmingham/Porto-based biomedical company Adapttech. The £2 million round was supported by existing investors Bionova Capital, and the MEIF Proof of Concept & Early Stage Fund, an arm of the Midlands Engine Investment Fund. The round also saw new [...]
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NASA's InSight spacecraft has measured the size of Mars's core for the first time.
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March 18, 2021
New Scientist
The InSight lander has observed more than 500 marsquakes so far, and it has used these ripples to measure the size of Mars's core and confirm that it is liquid
Kenneth Chang
February 17, 2021
Parts of the new visitor will make large impacts that could be picked up by the InSight spacecraft's seismometer.


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