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Gigamon is a Santa Clara, California-based web hosting service company providing traffic visibility solutions for enterprise, data centers, and service providers and cybersecurity solutions.

Gigamon — is a private company that provides network and traffic monitoring technologies. «Run fast, stay secure, and innovate».

They create solutions for manipulating and best routing traffic to different apps and tools. The company concentrates on performance, management of the network, analytics on all data-in-motion, compliance, and security.

One of the main ideas is to apply the best solution for networks across the hybrid cloud network.

Today IT complexity requires the hybrid cloud infrastructure to be more scalable, secure, and cost-efficient.

Gigamon eliminates a critical visibility gap in cloud infrastructure and makes it more simple for the network and cloud to see each other.

Gigamon works on both virtual and physical network visualization technologies. Such as network TAPs, traffic management applications, aggregation products, and elastic visibility framework nodes.

In recent years, these solutions have become more and more necessary for society, especially with the onset of the pandemic and the need for remote work.

The main dates

  • In 2004 was founded as Gigamon Systems, LLC.
  • In 2013 went public with an IPO.
  • In 2018, Gigamon was bought by EMC which still owns it.


  • In 2015 They won in the NWAI competition for monitoring, network testing, and managing network traffic.
  • The company got the Network Innovation prise for its HC2 Modular Switch Node to monitor network traffic.
  • In 2014 Gigamon’s app for networking NetFlow became a finalist in the competition organized by Light Reading in nomination for the Best New Product for Telecommunications.


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Deep Observability by Gigamon


April 5, 2022


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