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GenoFAB is a laboratory automation company working with research organizations to improve the performance of their R&D processes.

GenoFAB is a company that looks to provide a platform to allow users to utilize new research processes. The company was founded by Jean Peccoud in 2012, in Fort Collins, Colorado, United States.

GenoFAB helps research teams improve their productivity by extracting actionable information from research data at every step of their project. Using the GenoFAB laboratory automation platform, they can standardize and automate their research workflows to produce more and better data that lead to faster and stronger results.

The company looks to provide their automation platform to allow users to gain access to large datasets to standardize processes that are designed to reduce failure and variability. This enables the division of labor and the economies of scale. GenoFAB allows organizations to use laboratory automation methods to create usable information and experimental data.

GenoFAB offers laboratory information management (LIMS) to users for support purposes. They give calls to help develop a system that matches the user's lab requirements and workflows. The LIMS modules that they offer are designed to provide sample tracking, checklists, inventory management systems, reporting, data files, and automation engines. They offer barcode technologies, standardized operating procedures, electronic checklists, inventory management, custom reports, and more.


July 5, 2019
GenoFAB accelerates the development of new academic labs by providing no-cost services valued at $2500/month.


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