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GFBiochemicals produces levulinic acid and it's derivatives directly from biomass with proprietary technology.

GFBiochemicals is bringing biobased levulinic acid to market through technology innovation. Levulinic acid is a platform chemical with significant potential to replace petroleum-based products in the chemical and biofuel sectors. GFBiochemicals has proprietary technology and a commercial-scale plant in Caserta, Italy.

Levulinic acid produced by GFBiochemicals' technology is sourced from abundant renewable feedstocks. Given GFBiochemicals' flexibility in inputs, biomass from a variety of sources can be converted.

GFBiochemicals also plans to expand its product portfolio to additional high-value levulinic acid derivatives. The derivatives will be developed at the company's Minnesota production site to accelerate downstream market introduction.

In 2020, GFBiochemicals entered into a joint venture with Towell Engineering Group of Oman for the purpose of providing the production and marketing of biochemicals through the use of the company's proprietary technologies. Their solutions include green solvents, biodegradable plasticizers for flexible PVC, epoxy resins based on diphenolic acid, highly concentrated biobased detergents, clean-burning fuels and components, and fuel derived from cellulosic biomass waste.


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