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GEEN Biotechnology

GEEN Biotechnology

GEEN Biotechnology is a company that develops genetic technologies

GEEN Biotechnologies is a synthetic biology company that focuses on the industrial production of biomolecules through the use of genetic technologies. The company was founded in 2015, in Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey.

The company develops technologies that are related to genome editing, and utilize yeast cells in order to industrialize minimal cells. The company has developed their product Intellivir, which is an Oncolytic virus that is engineered for immunodulation, and is designed to generate novel viral cancer immunotherapies.

GEEN Biotechnologies is focused on transforming viruses into personalized cancer killing treatments. They utilize techniques such as library generation, high-throughput screening, and then perform in vitro or in vivo artificial selection of oncolytic virus clones to finish their precision immunomodulation. The company has also launched GeenOS which is a platform that combines their discoveries with viruses and genetic circuits with computers.

GEEN is a Top 500 Deeptech Startup, and has been supportec by TeknoPark, String Ventures, y2fi, and more.


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