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FintruX Network

FintruX Network

FintruX Network develops business and financial solutions built on blockchain.

FintruX Network develops business and financial solutions built on blockchain. These solutions are marketed towards underserved startups and small to medium enterprises. They aim to be the one-stop resource and solution provider for business growth and sustainability.

Their technology is supported by Robocoder Corporation, which has over 20 years of enterprise software development experience.


TruX is a business financing platform that empowers businesses to grow with what FintruX calls TRUST, standing for Transparency, Reputation, Understanding, Security, Time, which they suggest their platform offers their clients. TruX aims to empower startups and SMEs to achieve business growth and sustainability. The platform creates a global business network powered by blockchain technology.

Through the platform, FintruX Network evaluates business and constructs a trusted business profile, implements 4 levels of credit enhancements to provide risk reduction to business and automates processes on a smart contract.


March 26, 2018
FintruX Network successfully raises $25M in their token sale and embarks upon building the P2P lending ecosystem to serve the underserved.

FintruX Network, the global P2P lending ecosystem, announced that they have successfully raised $25M in their token sale.


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