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Fashion Coin

Fashion Coin

Fashion Coin is a first NFT social network.

Fashion Coin (FSHN) - the first NFT social network

To realize the mission “The best money drives the bad!” The decentralized autonomous organization Cypher Bank and the Proof-of-Love blockchain social platform have been created. Anyone can become a founder of DAO Cypher Bank and a Proof-of-Love validator.

On the Proof-of-Love Network, anyone can create, store, exchange, and resell value as non-fungible tokens. Technically, values ​​are non-fungible tokens that have both a face value provided by real crypto assets and a creative value assigned by the owner. Thus, values ​​are both personal money and creative works of art, the uniqueness, authenticity and value of which is guaranteed by the blockchain itself and the entire decentralized ecosystem. Everyone is free to treat valuables either as a work of art in terms of creative value (create, buy, sell, pledge, use as a store of value), or as a medium of exchange in terms of nominal value, backed by real crypto assets.

The main mission of modern values ​​is to revive the creative industries, starting with fashion, art, games and music, which will give them not only new tools, but also new horizons for sustainable development.

All this is impossible without sustainable development in building a new ecosystem where every digital creative product is both a work of art and a medium of exchange, and where the expanding horizon of creative exchange does not require interference with natural resources and does not lead to CO2 emissions.

The function of money as a unit of account in the entire ecosystem is performed by fashion coin (FSHN). Any value of the function can act as a medium of exchange, since it is provided by the nominal value backed by cryptoassets.

For added local convenience, and with the help of specialized smart contracts for Proof-of-Love, everyone will also be able to fashion fashionable digital money from the local “national currencies” of any country. To qualify for seigniorage and start creating a visual representation of such a trendy national currency (eg FUSD, FRUB, FYAN, FEUR, etc.).

For added convenience on the ground and with the help of specialized Proof-of-Love smart contracts, everyone will also be able to fashion a "digital currency outside the Central Bank" from the local "national currencies" of any country. To qualify for seigniorage and start creating a visual representation of such a "fashionable national currency" (e.g. FUSD, FRUB, FYAN, FEUR, etc.), view the form -

Proof-of-Love Blockchain Network

To fulfill its mission of building universal creative capital, DAO CypherBank is launching the Proof-of-Love blockchain platform, which at the same time has the properties of a decentralized social network, as well as a DIY creative mint and an NFT market. .

Proof-of-Love is a blockchain based decentralized social network where users create, exchange, buy and sell creative digital assets in the form of unique non-fungible tokens in the form of value. These values ​​can be used as a medium of exchange and electronic money in various metaverses of virtual and augmented reality.

In this way, Proof-of-Love is in fact a decentralized creative mint where everyone can independently create their own value and contribute to the universal artistic capital. From a secondary market point of view, the Proof-of-Love blockchain platform is also a digital meta market.

Crypto-name = Cryptography + Steganography

To work with the Proof-of-Love platform and, in general, the initial registration in the blockchain network, as well as for further interaction with other blockchain networks, the user establishes a crypto-name in the blockchain. The crypto-name is an additional protective layer designed to enhance the user's privacy and protect them with an additional layer of steganography. The second but equally important function of a crypto name is the most simplified way to make transactions on blockchain networks, where users make transactions without directly interacting with public keys.

To ensure readability and uniqueness for humans, all abcs of all languages ​​from Unicode, as well as all emoticons, are used when generating crypto names. Crypto names that are only one emoji, such as or U+1F680, will be introduced and available in the market after the launch of the Proof-of-Love dApp.

Values ​​such as electronic money and DIY collectibles Non-fungible tokens backed by real crypto assets on the Proof-of-Love network represent a new category of digital assets that represent both creative works and money itself. That is, practically in addition to creative tasks, they also perform all the main functions of money: a unit of account, a medium of exchange and a store of value. In the Proof-of-Love network, we refer to these specific non-fungible tokens as values ​​and treat them as do-it-yourself electronic money.

From the user's point of view, values ​​are digital images in the Proof-of-Love ecosystem, the ownership, use, purchase/sale and storage of which is verified by the blockchain itself. Moreover, each value has unique value characteristics embedded in their smart contract:

1. Nominal value is assigned when value is created by its creator. This designation is secured by the acquisition of FSHN and the fixing of par value (nominal value) in FSHN. In this case, valuables can always be melted back into FSHN or exchanged for any other digital asset at face value.

2.Creative value is the creative value awarded by the value creator. According to the smart contract, any value can be redeemed by other users without permission, simply by paying the assigned price for the creative. Neither the face value nor the creative value can be changed by the author until it is purchased by another user.

The analogue of values ​​in the old traditional economy are collectible coins, postage stamps and other collectibles of nominal and collectible value.

Proof of love

To encourage the creativity of our community, the Proof-of-Love platform has created a reward system in the form of monetized proofs of love. In their simplest function, proof assertions are similar to the “likes” of traditional social networks. The fundamental difference here lies in the monetized weight of evidence, in the differentiation of its content - depending on the nominal value of the proven value and on the total nominal value of the user of verification.

Proof, when selling value at creative value, results in a reward for the user who backed the value with their proof share of the sale. As a result, the cycle of creation and transfer of sustainable value occurs at an additional level of synergy.

DAO CypherBank

The main mission of DAO CypherBank is the development of creative capital and social architecture of the future based on decentralized solutions of various blockchains. To achieve these goals, DAO CypherBank is not only launching a Proof-of-Love network and dApp, but also launching a program to support community creativity and purchasing power.

The operational function of the DAO Cypher Bank is to issue loans to users and collectors secured by works of art in the form of non-fungible tokens.

To encourage the creation of art on the blockchain, DAO CypherBank is planning a creative grants program, for which it plans to create additional specialized blockchain platforms and a series of events together with partners.

One of the Bank's key tasks is to create a Crypto Art Museum, built according to all the laws of institutionalized contemporary art.

An important creative mission is also the organization of Blockchain Fashion Week as a sandbox for crowdfunding, promotion and sales of new generation designers. DAO CypherBank also plans to launch separate grant programs for designers and other creative trends in the fashion industry related to non-fungible tokens.

A separate project of the Bank is to support the creativity of models and, therefore, an unconditional basic income for them in the form of grants for the creation of non-fungible tokens by models for further operations.

The Bank pays special attention to the creation of such a creative economy, with the development of which there is a radical shift towards sustainability and sustainable development.

A separate project is the support of local national currencies for use in various metaverses and the creation of their cryptocurrencies, based on their old-fashioned conditions.

DAO CypherBank uses various cryptocurrencies, with a particular focus on blockchain network currencies that will be used to create the entire Proof-of-Love universe - from Bitcoin to Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot and Filecoin. At the same time, the main decentralized financial base for the entire ecosystem as a unit of account is the Fashion Coin (FSHN) cryptocurrency, which provides high speed transactions and does not require commissions for their execution within the ecosystem.

To organize the DAO CypherBank operational management system, a Board is being created - according to the principle of valuemoji ownership.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Cypher Bank, registered at (exact address -25, 29 dcl), is conceived as a big family, which anyone can become a member at any time - in proportion to their interests and goals. Family membership and, accordingly, participation in the management of the bank is ensured by the ownership of valuemoji - a special type of value created by the initiator of fashion coins Anna Karenina and issued by DAO Cypher Bank itself. The number of valuemoji is limited by the number of base emojis, and in order to own them, you must either reserve them or buy them later on the secondary market on the Proof-of-Love platform.

Valuemoji = valuable + emoticon

To launch the full functioning of the entire infrastructure of the social network and Proof-of-Love blockchain, as well as to create a governance structure for DAO, CypherBank releases key values ​​called valuemoji (valuable + emoji) based on works of art. Anna Karenina and with additional smart contracts.

Valuemoji is a state-of-the-art digital asset created as a non-interchangeable token based on an artistic reimagining of emoticons by Anna Karenina. The valuemoji has undeniable value to individuals and an ever-growing creative value.

In total, at the time of the launch of the DAO CypherBank and Proof-of-Love blockchain network, there are four types of valuemoji to provide family membership - in accordance with the level and privileges of membership.

1. Each of the 9 valuemoji "heart" group entitles them to participate in the highest governing body of the DAO Cypher Bank and the Proof-of-Love platform and have financial interests commensurate with its value.

2. Each of the 95 valuemoji of the U+1F600 emoji group entitles you to membership in the DAO CypherBank privileged club and Proof-of-Love platform validators, as well as to receive dividends in proportion to its value.

3.Each of the 1000 U+1F680 moji values ​​entitles you to membership in the large DAO Cypher Bank and Proof-of-Love family and to receive dividends commensurate with their value.

4.Each of the 10,000 valuemoji entitles you to membership in the large Cypher Bank and Proof-of-Love DAO, as well as receiving dividends commensurate with its value.

5.Each of the valuemoji of the “flags” group U + 1F3F3 entitles them to the seigniorage of national currencies in a game form within the Proof-of-Love system with technical support and financial guarantees from DAO CypherBank.

In addition to these valuemoji, which are created to launch the CypherBank DAO family and ensure participation in it, over time, Anna Karenina will create new crypto-valuemoji from ordinary ordinary emoji (more than 3000 at the beginning of 2021).

The principle of filling and preserving face value, applied to the fashionable national currencies of the whole world (by the number of flag emojis), will also be applied to the value mojis of such value keepers as gold, silver, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies whose blockchains will be involved in the Proof-blockchain metaverse. of love.



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