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Estated is a Boulder, Colorado-based property data provider offering an API and bulk data ingestion services for property data and history.

Estated is a Boulder, Colorado-based property data provider. The company works to aggregate, digitalize, and standardize property data and present it to consumers through the company's API, bulk data exports and property reports. The data offered by Estated includes:

  • Address, parcel and building information;
  • Current and historical owners
  • Deeds and tax assessments
  • Valuations

Through Estated's API, users receive access to Estated's collected data. This data includes parcel data, which includes information about the land the property sits on. Structure data, which works to explain the qualities of the property, including year built, bed and bath count, and square footage. And it includes ownership data, including up to 20 years of sale and mortgage data, an automated valuation model for property value, and data on the current owner of a property.

Estated's API v4 they offer a Sandbox API, for users to write integration tests against without being billed for API support calls. Through the Sandbox API, Estated curated a list of 120 properties, with some intentionally providing error responses to help users teams run tests and confirm their integrations work.

Bulk Exports

Estated offers users bulk data exports for specific use cases. Through the exports, users can define specific regions and a set of parameters which will return a custom list of matching properties from Estated. The company's bulk data offers users access to data on over 105 million single-family and multi-family properties in the United States.

Property Reports

For users uninterested in API's or bulk data exports, Estated offers users their data on specific regions or properties through property reports and market reports. The company's reports include maps, property valuations, property details, financial history, mortgages, taxes, comparable properties, neighborhood information, nearby schools, and market conditions.


Estated markets their data and related services to the real estate industry, the property insurance industry, the mortgage and lending industry, and the home services industry.


December 2019
Estated launched v4 property data API.
October 10, 2019
Blend Insurance Agency partners with Estated, which provides property data to help Blend Insurance Agency calculate insurance policy quotes.
July 31, 2019
Estated launches new version of bulk property data solution with coverage on 105 million homes across United States.
December 15, 2017
Estated raises a $3,000,000 seed round from Foundry Group.
November 2017
Estated is launched after raising $3 million from Foundry Group.

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January 4, 2019

Estated Launches New Version of Bulk Property Data Solution with Coverage on 105M Homes Nationwide


July 31, 2019


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