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Desktop Genetics

Desktop Genetics

Desktop Genetics is a company that helps researchers discover and treat the root genetic causes of human disease.

Desktop Genetics helps scientists discover, understand and treat the root genetic causes of human diseases. Since 2012, Deskop Genetics has supported labs around the world with CRISPR genome editing design and analysis technology, across basic research, drug discovery, translational research and IND-enabling studies. In June 2018 Desktop Genetics was acquired by Celixir plc, a company founded by Nobel laureate Sir Martin Evans and Ajan Reginald for the development of cell and gene therapies to treat incurable or poorly treated diseases.

Desktop Genetics' technologies includes:


DESKGEN AI is a machine-learning platform for designing CRISPR experiments while minimising unwanted side-effects. The AI was built with over 4,000,000 data points gathered from large-scale CRISPR experiments and is an on-going area of active development within the company. DESKGEN AI considers thousands of variables and makes smart decisions to improve activity, reduce experimental bias and select suitable guides for CRISPR experiments.

Dunne 2017 and CADMUS

Dunne 2017 simulates experiments and selects the top-ranked guides for every target that needs investigation.

CADMUS is a rapid and consistent CRISPR knocking design algorithm which can adapt to modifications of interest. CADMUS integrates design scores, including Dunne 2017, with intelligent guide selection and donor generation, to cut down on in-lab work.


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