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Project CO lets independent artists use their fan power to the fullest, while getting their music on all major streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and YouTube.

The CO project is a decentralized platform based on Corite’s proven model for independent artists and fans to co-create, fund and promote music. Using fan power, artists can engage and reward their fans in every aspect of their career and share success together.

Why is CO needed?

The music industry is run by a few huge corporations, but the technology to challenge this model exists today. Fair and transparent distribution of value, new monetization opportunities, and new ways of measuring and rewarding talent are all components that the CO project will deliver on.

What is the $CO token for?

The $CO token is a utility token that powers the entire ecosystem. Users can stake their tokens on the platform to earn rewards for their contributions and unlock functionality.

For instance, $CO token holders will be able to participate in blockchain fan funding, gain early access to investing in music, purchase and trade Corite Original NFTs and VIP experiences, earn rewards for contributing to the platform, create artist social tokens and participate in governance.

Can a new artist be featured on your site?

Yes! Not only is our current platform open for anyone who has created and controls the rights to a recording, but the CO project will by definition be an open platform. The Corite team will feature artists based on algorithms and editorial choices, but all functionality will be open to any artist and fan. The rewards and allocation of tokens will ultimately be decided by the $CO token holders.

What is the difference between Corite and the CO project?

Corite is a company which is currently operating a fan funding platform at The CO project is a decentralized platform built on the Chromia blockchain, which will provide tools for artists and fans to engage in a play to earn model. Corite will be using the CO projects technology and integrate it into the Corite service, in order to provide proof of concept for the CO platform and for Corite to deliver a more engaging platform.


October 2022
Play to Earn & Hero projects


Corite Originals (v2)

Community tokens

January 2022
$CO token & Fan missions:

Public launch of the $CO token

Fan funding on blockchain

Fan missions & Corite Originals (v1)

October 2021
Fan Power & Song Shares:

NFT drops

CO wallet

Fan Power & Song Shares on blockchain

June 2020
Corite raises a $640,110 seed round from Almi Invest, Charles Adams, Danny Saucedo and Tagehus.

Invested in

Funding rounds


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January 27, 2022


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