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Continue Capital

Continue Capital

Continue Capital is a San Francisco-based company founded in 2014 by Xiahong Lin.

Continue Capital excels in investments on digital currency Startups , Private Equity and HFT Funds, focus on strategic sectors including Blockchain industry, innovative science and technologies. We continue to invest in breakthrough technologies. We are long term believers in the blockchain industry, witnessed and deeply involved in the boomingrevolution of the whole industry. Our core team members are early Bitcoin community members, including professional Developer, Venture Capitalist and global Community Leader, who are decentralized located in China, Japan, and USA. We continue to be the catalyst of innovation technologies and blockchain industry. We help those legendary teams, from idea to prototype and beyond, bring industry value-add resources to our portfolio partner. For startups in early stage, we focus on providing continue support on world wide community management and Operation, Liquidity Supporting, Executive Coaching. Taking uncertainty together with founders is unique to our spirit and how we add value.


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