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Code Red

Code Red

Code Red was a financial technology company with a focus on creating products and services for the investment industry. Code Red was acquired by FactSet in 2015.


Code Red, Inc. was a Boston-based technology company that has products for research management within the investment community. Its products have applications in contexts such as hedge funds, mutual funds, fund of funds, foundations, endowments, insurance firms, sovereign wealth funds, and private equity firms. The company was acquired by FactSet in February 2015 for a reported $36 million in cash. Code Red had locations in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, London and Hong Kong.


Code Red sold multiple software packages, operating as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for financial companies.

Code:Red RMS

The company's flagship product was called Code:Red RMS (research management system). The software was then integrated into its next product, Code Red Research Management Workspace, designed for portfolio managers and analysts in the field of investing to oversee research and contacts and integrate third-party data. The software automated the investment management process by filtering investment ideas and discoveries. It combined workflows and data from multiple systems into one platform.

The Workspace platform had customer relationship management features such as mail merger and Outlook contact and appointment syncing. During the spring of 2010, Code Red announced integration projects with Capital IQ and Alpha Theory, fellow financial software companies that supplied fundamental data fields and price targets into the Code:Red RSM platform.

Code:Red RSM was incorporated into FactSet's existing RSM platform following the company's acquisition in February 2015.

Code:Red Analytics

Code:Red Analytics was a software offering portfolio management and risk assessment for investing companies.


IdeaNet was an information management system, allowing automated sorting capabilities for incoming emails. The software had Code:Red RMS integration, syncing incoming messages, research and meeting information messages to the research management system.


February 9, 2015
Code Red is acquired by FactSet for $36 million USD.
December 12, 2012
Code Red releases Red Alerts 5.0, renaming the software to Code Red RMS.
October 2004
Code Red is founded.


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February 9, 2015


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