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Business France

Business France

Business France is a government agency with a focus on developing exports and international investments.


Business France is a France-based organization that works to support the international development of the French Economy. The company has more than 1,500 employees with eighty-seven offices around the world in 124 countries. Business France was founded in 2015 after a merger of UBIFRANCE and the AFII (French Agency for International Investments).

The organization aids small- and medium-sized enterprises and mid-sized companies with export growth. It monitors France's international business image and develops strategies to promote France and French businesses. Business France also helps foreign investors by offering support on decisions regarding the investment process in France.

Business France operates the VIE International Internship Program, which enables candidates to partake in an assignment in a foreign country for six to twenty-four months. Participants in this program can be from France or any country in the European Economic Area.The stated goal of the program is to foster international cooperation among businesses.


Business France is founded.


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