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Blokur is a UK-based music rights administration platform for music creators and publishers.

Blokur operates a music rights administration platform for the music publishing sector. The company's platform has features such as automated conflict detection and reconciliation, graph-based matching to eliminate duplicate recordings and links, and analytics of catalog performance, which helps to identify the rightful receiver of royalties and find out who is working with the key players in the music ecosystem. The platform aims to enable users to grow the value of music and send the earnings to the creators, saving music publishers and songwriters time and money in the area of rights administration.

According to Blokur, it can take a songwriter up to four years to receive payment for music played on the radio or a streaming service, because the data concerning authorship and ownership is often missing, incomplete or out-of-date—a problem the platform attempts to fix. Blokur also works with music users who can benefit from its music copyright database and Licensing Messenger to clear rights more efficiently. The company claims that 70 percent of the music publishing sector uses its platform and that the company has partnered with various major music companies and artists.


December 2020
Blokur is announced as an official partner of the Mechanical Licensing Collective’s (MLC) Data Quality Initiative (DQI).
Blokur collaborates with Massive Attack to provide rights attribution for the band's Fantom Mezzanine app.

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