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Amai Proteins

Amai Proteins

Amai Proteins produces protein ingredients for food and beverage. The company's first focus is sweet 'designer' proteins as sugar substitutes.

Owner and operator of a biotechnology company intended to produce designer proteins. The company's proteins is applied with computational protein design and biotechnology production of healthy, stable and cheap proteins with optimal taste profiles, enabling food industries to improve the properties of taste-enhancing proteins and make them affordable and suitable.

Amai Proteins is the Tasty Designer Protein Company, curing our food and beverage system, one protein at a time. The first focus are sweet designer proteins as a mainstream sugar substitute, with the sweetest protein in the world. The protein has a sugar-like taste, high stability and shelf life and good synergy with other sweeteners e.g. Stevia.

The firm uses Agile Integrative Computational Protein Design (AI-CPD) to design proteins that are 70% to 100% identical to sweet proteins found in nature. The firm is planning to produce and sell their first novel sweet protein by 2020. By June 2018, Amai Proteins had produced two sweet proteins based on existing protein sequences. Amai Proteins has been partnering with firms such as Danone, PepsiCo and SodaStream in experimenting on the taste of different sugar and sweet protein combinations for a range of products.



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