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Advanced Search is a Los Altos, California-based AI company for deep learning on quantitative biology founded by Walter De Brouwer, Anthea Chung, Sam De Brouwer, and Alan Greene. is an artificial intelligence company founded in 2016, that decentralizes precision medicine. It is a healthcare intelligence company and its platforms grant its clients, medical centers, access to data necessary for analysis and decision-making in real-time. It is headquartered in San Francisco.

The AI's Artificial Intelligence is designed to guide the user through data collection and help optimize health decisions. The user has the choice to opt-in and allows the structured data sets to be accessible to the global community of data scientists to perform clustering and predictive modeling.’s infrastructure enables aggregating all imported data on the user's own edge device (e.g cell phone). It is decentralized, anonymized and encrypted, protecting shared data in an anonymous and HIPAA compliant way.

How it Works

Users opt-in to share specific data with the platform on a specific research project. The platform enables people to participate in medical research by sharing their real-world data to accelerate research through the application of AI technology. This enables researchers to build predictive models using the data they have shared for research.

The shared data can only be used for the project a user agreed to join and help. Once the predictive models have been built for that specific research, all the data is wiped from the kernel where the models are built, and only the models remain to be shared back with the participants and published by the research team.


October 2019 raises a $25,000,000 seed round.
August 2018 raises a $5,000,000 seed round.
October 2017 raises a $10,000,000 initial Coin Offering.
December 21, 2016 was founded by Alan Greene, Anthea Chung, Sam De Brouwer and Walter De Brouwer.
December 2016 raises a $1,000,000 convertible note.

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