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Wade & Wendy

Wade & Wendy

Wade & Wendy is a conversational AI based hiring and recruiting company founded in 2015 by Drew Austin.

Wade & Wendy is a New York based Artificial intelligence company specializing in creating conversational chatbots for the hiring process. The recruitment platform uses its artificial intelligence to connect people seeking jobs with companies looking to hire talents. Use of chatbots reduce the conversational bias related to human interactions during the hiring process. The AI screens candidate’s skills, experiences, and streamlines the number of candidates for further evaluation by the recruiters. Candidates are sent an invitation to chat with the bot through email and can engage with the chatbot at their own time, saving time for recruiters. Wade & Wendy claims to have connections with top tech start-ups and fortune 500 companies for job placements.


The company serves both recruiters and job seekers. Wade & Wendy are two human AI personas built by the company that focuses on job seekers and recruiters respectively. Wade manages job seekers, to provide personalized job opportunities based on skills submitted through chat. The AI uses conversations to create a virtual profile and preferences to suggest possible job opportunities from companies that the candidates might be interested in joining.

Wendy integrates into hiring workflow to reduce the workload of the hiring process. Wendy chats with candidates that are invited or apply for a role. The conversation is role-specific and gathers data about the candidates and then compiles insights to the company’s hiring team. The conversation design makes candidates reveal their skills, experiences and expectations. Machine learning allows the bot to recognize keywords and delve more into the topic for gathering more information about the candidates' experience. Wendy also learns about company preferences and adds it to its filtering patterns. Top candidates are screened through the machine learning process and presented for human evaluation. Wendy can perform automated tasks like sending personalized email, scheduling, and collecting feedback.


Adrian von der Osten, Drew Austin, Ian Jaffrey, Joshua Brandoff together co-founded Wade & Wendy on June 1, 2014, in New York, United States. Josh is no longer working with Wade & Wendy.


March 2019
Wade & Wendy raises a $7,600,000 series A round from Indicator Ventures, JAZZ Venture Partners, Randstad Innovation Fund and ff Venture Capital.
May 31, 2014
Wade & Wendy Founded

Adrian von der Osten, Drew Austin, Ian Jaffrey, Joshua Brandoff together co-found Wade & Wendy

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