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Vegavid Technology

Vegavid Technology

Vegavid technology is a digital transformation company helping businesses solve complex problems with technology.

Vegavid Technology is on a mission to transform the world into future technology. We are the most trusted and fastest-growing company, helping millions with our products and services across the globe – from individuals to the largest institutions, with our sheer expertise in blockchain technology (DApps, Defi, crypto-currency exchanges, NFT marketplace), cryptocurrency, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, smart contracts, OCR solution, image processing, oracle enterprise solution etc.

The R&D division at Vegavid is led by a diverse group of highly talented individuals working to innovate new technologies in the Blockchain and ML/AI space.

Vegavid, your reliable technology partner, is fully established to offer you an integrated portfolio of products, solutions, digital marketing, and strategic and technology consultation services.

Our product portfolio includes:

1. Crypto-Currency Exchange: With our expertise in enterprise-grade architecture solutions, we have created the fastest and most secure infrastructure and application layer for Crypto-Currency Exchange with feature-full and customizable capabilities.

2. ICO Launchpad: The most secure and customizable Launchpad for private sales to investors with integrated KYC, AML, Payment gateways, and social media marketing modules.

3. Crypto-trade Bot: Smart trading platform powered by Machine learning and market sentiments.

4. NFT platform: White-label solution for NFT marketplace for non-fungible and partially-fungible tokens.

5. OCR system: Extract information from images and videos in real-time.

6. Smart Customer Behaviour engine for banks: Reduce NPAs, improve the quality of loans and identify good customers for the second line of credit or Top Up loans.

7. Metaverse: We solve complex problems in AR and VR using emerging visuals and interactive metaverse technology.



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