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UnitedCrowd is a community driven decentralized ecosystem. Learn more about defi, tokenization, liquidity mining, staking, social rewards and buy the UnitedCrowd token here.

The development potential of blockchain technology depends entirely on how widespread it is among the masses and what benefits it can bring to the world. That a bright future and national love awaits it, I do not doubt, but after years of efforts and billions of investments, no one has been able to realize its full implementation in the real sectors of the economy. So far, the blockchain has mainly been used for speculation on cryptocurrency exchanges and for illegal financial transactions between your accounts. These solutions are possible and capable of one day dopilat to an ideal state, but today the world needs a complex level of infrastructure that will eventually eliminate the barrier between blockchain technology and the real world.

Welcome to UnitedCrowd!

What is the UnitedCrowd platform?

UnitedCrowd is a platform for digital financial instruments. Our tokenization platform allows us to produce digital financial products - for example, for corporate financing purposes. This structure simulates financial products based on technology b and automates them with smart, pattern-based contract models, so-called smart contracts, which are then used as tokens. In close cooperation with the supervisory authorities, all contracts are checked for country-specific requirements. In order for the token to fulfill its purpose and unite all participants, you need to dynamically lock various processes and provide various instances with their own access rights.

The UnitedCrowd platform is a free, versatile tool that gives you access to the world of digital investments. Here you will find exclusive investment opportunities, you can buy tokens, get bonus tokens, create a digital portfolio and manage it easily. Always on the go with the app version.

What is the uniqueness of UnitedCrowd?

We are your full-service partner for digital corporate financing.

● Financing platform.

We offer our clients and their investors an individual investment backend.

● Legal basis.

We act according to German law in order to offer you and your investors maximum security.

● Affiliate network.

Get access to our network of external investors and advisors.

● Investor community

Get support and engagement from the UnitedCrowd community.

How tokenization works

together with a decent fundamental knowledge of the world of cryptography, tokenization as a concept can seem quite simple. Everything related to the issuance of blockchain tokens, taking into account token ownership rights and legal aspects, as well as the freedom of token trading, as I said earlier.

However, it would be a mistake to write this in the form of simple specifications, as mentioned above. Let's consider these key ingredients in detail. Rights issues are quite complicated. For example, there is a difference between property rights and requisition rights. Make sure that these differences are implemented, and the types assigned as separate objects are mandatory. If we go even deeper, we will discover a greater complexity when it comes to asset classes. In the context of tokenization, it is no longer necessary to understand the various differences between asset classes, but it is not desirable at all.

A web-based solution.

●Easily manage your campaign with a browser or app. This allows you to access your investments and administrative statistics at any time of the day.

●Digital Contracts

Smart contracts offer the highest level of security and transparency and also meet the coded conditions in the blockchain.

●Document management

Marketing materials, legal documents, guides and instructions are available to your investors through our platform.

●Individual layout.

We have designed the appearance of the layout according to your wishes and adapted it to the design of your company. In the backend, widgets provide customizable statistics.

●Professional hosting.

The online platform is hosted and maintained by UnitedCrowd in the High Security Center.

●Safe sale.

Your investors will be verified with KYC and AML, the token sale is automated and the escrow service serves as security.

There are several types of tokens:

Asset Tokens

Liquid and illiquid values can be displayed as asset tokens. The spectrum includes everything from cash, real estate, precious metals or works of art to intangible assets such as patents or copyrights.


Debt. A debt token is a demand to pay debts in order to pay an invested amount with or without interest. The range includes forms of bonds, loans and bonds.

In stocks

and voting rights can be represented by capital brands. For example, tokens can also represent shares of funds on the same principle.

Utility Tokens

The utility token represents rights of use and can grant access to the network, products or services.

Manage your own digital portfolio:

simply and directly with our universal solution.

Reward Programs: An effective marketing tool.

So-called reward programs have proven to be an effective tool to support marketing, increase user engagement and build a community. A reward program can be understood as a bonus program. The reward for these programs are tokens that the issuing company issues without payment. However, the issuance of tokens is associated with certain services or activities, tokens can be earned in a certain sense.

Depending on the type of activity that is rewarded with tokens, reward programs can be used for different purposes. A common case is token marketing support programs. For example, companies reward entry into their sales platform to increase the number of connected contacts and reach.

UnitedCrowd Award Module

UnitedCrowd has developed a reward module for the automated implementation of reward programs. The module is part of the UnitedCrowd platform and is available from the toolbar. Platform users will find many activities that will be rewarded by the UCT. Selection and execution can be easily done using the control panel. Integrated compliance controls and sanction mechanisms check the actions of the participants, assign appropriate reward tokens and ensure that there is no abuse.

Selected reward features. To get an overview of all the features, visit the UnitedCrowd platform.

Standard UnitedCrowd Specifications:

Individual Pricing ofa All Awards Feature

nIndividual concessions ofa reward token

claims to have a DAPP reward for post tokens

user-friendly interface

Automated mechanisms for process control

Automated sanction mechanisms to prevent fraud

Configurable time periods and maximum arrival restrictions

personalized motivation management

Our awards are an AIH win for customers

The rewards program is constantly available through the platform. In this way, it also helps our customers to build a community and expand their reach. In addition, we work closely with our clients to identify additional options that will be realized on the basis of the feasibility and probability of acceptance established by us.


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