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Tychan is a Singapore-based clinical-stage biotechnology company developing monoclonal antibodies.


Tychan is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on bringing treatments to those in need by reducing the development timeline of therapeutics leading to clinical application, in the context of infectious diseases. This is through the company's technology platform, which integrates convergent analytics with manufacturing processes for the rapid production of biologics for human trials. Tychan's technology platform integrates innovations in data analytics, bio-manufacturing processes, and regulatory sciences to bring possible candidate biologics to human trials. The company uses convergent cell selection to finalize products, and this has included anti-Zika virus therapeutics into Phase 1 trials within twelve months of conceptualization.

The company, located in Sinagpore, was founded on technologies developed in the Sasisekharan lab at MIT and SMART, and founded by professors Ooi Eng Eong and Ram Sasisekharan. The company's name, Tychan, comes from the combination of the Greek goddess Tyche, who was believed governed the fortune and prosperity of a city, and 安 (ān), which means peace in Mandarin. Tychan has received funding from Temasek Foundation's Ecosperity fund and EDB Singapore. As well, the company has partnered with WuXi Biologics.


Tyzivumab is a monoclonal antibody therapeutic for Zika, which completed phase-1 trials in 2018 in Singapore. The treatment was found to be safe and well tolerated up to the highest tested doses, and paved the way for testing of the antibody in Zika patients in a phase 1B study for which Tychan received regulatory approval from the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore. Tyzivumab is directed against a specific quarternary epitope of the envelope (E) protein on the surface of the virus, limiting viral fusion to host cells and preventing viral replication.


Tychan successfully completed the phase 1A and 1B safety and efficacy trials in Singapore for the company's TY014 monoclonal antibody candidate treatment for Yellow Fever (YF). The company's single-source integrated biologics technology platform allowed it to complete the CMC studies for Investigational New Drug (IND) application in a record of seven months. TY014 is designed and engineered to treat Yellow Fever Virus by directing against the envelope (E) protein on the surface of the virus, and prevents viral replication by limiting viral fusion to host cells.


TY027 is a monoclonal antibody designed and engineered to neutralize the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) by binding to a specific epitope of the spike (S) protein found on the surface of the virus.

The company began its Phase 1 clinical safety trials in June 2020. In October 2020, the company received approval from the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore for Phase 3 trials to begin as part of the antibody development. TY027 has been explored for treatment of patients with COVID-19 to slow the progression of the disease and accelerate recovery, as well as providing temporary protection against further infection.

The results of the Phase 1 trials showed no serious events with infusion of TY027 in healthy volunteers up to 30mg/kg dose. The phase 3 trials would involve 1,305 volunteer COVID-19-positive patients from partner hospitals. The trails would take place in partner with hospitals overseas, such as Sheba Medical Centre in Israel.


December 11, 2020
Tychan to start COVID-19 Phase 3 clinical trial for novel monoclonal antibody TY027.
December 2, 2020
Efficacy and safety of TY027, a treatment for COVID-19, in humans—Full Text View.
June 10, 2020
Tychan to begin first clinical trials for first novel monoclonal antibody against COVID-19.
November 18, 2019
WuXi Biologics congratulates Tychan on the world's first yellow fever antibody tested safe and efficacious in human volunteers.
October 29, 2018
Tychan successfully completes human safety studies for the first-in-class potent Monoclonal Antibody against Zika virus.
March 2018
Tychan's first-in-class Zika monoclonal antibody therapeutics ready for human trial, after nine months of development.


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