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Turing Robot

Turing Robot

A Chinese AI robot company and chatbot platform and AI robot OS provider.

Turing Robot is a Chinese AI Robot company. Provider of leading AI Robot operating system. It is the first company committed in research on the commercialization of artificial intelligence in China. Its AI research includes semantic recognition, cognitive computing, human-machine interaction and machine learning.

Turing Robot simulates the cognitive and communicative behaviors of humans. It uses natural language processing knowledge base for individuals and business needs. The company comprehensively integrates over 500 kinds of life information and service skills into software and hardware products.

It provides users with a conversation feature that gives intelligence-based interaction in hardware and software products. Its products include chatbot open platform, domestic service robots, commercial service robots, companion robots for children, operating systems, intelligent customer service systems, intelligent vehicle systems, and smart home control systems.

Turing Robot Open Platform is now the largest chatbot open platform in the world. It has reached 600, 000 developers. The platform's Chinese semantic recognition accuracy is up to 94.7%.

Turing operating system (OS) is an AI-level Robot OS that provides natural and friendly human-machine multimodal interaction methods. The Turing OS allows robots understand voice, text, images, body movement and other multimodal data from external sources. It enables robots to give a simultaneous response, including voice, text and images feedback.

Zhichen Yu is the founder and CEO of Turing Robot. It was founded in Haidian, Beijing, China on January 1, 2010. In 2012, it released the Wormhole Voice Assistant application, the first Chinese intelligence-based voice assistant application. In 2014, it released the first open platform for AI robots, also known as the Turing Robot and in November 2015, it released the Turing OS.



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