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Teraki provides a qualitative data platform for scaling insurance, maintenance, and autonomous driving applications.


Teraki is a provider of a platform for embedded, pre-processing software of sensor data, capable of being embedded in automotive electronic systems. Teraki's platform includes artificial intelligence and edge data processing software, and it is developed to help users build, train, and improve sensor-data-driven artificial intelligence models for the automation of training and improvement of accuracy rates of these sensors. These solutions are developed to enable applications with pre-processing for better decision making and embeds on one side in the CPU and RAM-constrained chipsets in cars and integrates on the other side of a customer's backend for storage, labeling, training, and analysis of data.

Teraki was founded in 2015 by CTO Markus Kopf and CEO Daniel Richart and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.


Teraki's platform offers users the ability to ingest high volumes of edge sensor data. The platform uses APIs to help developers build and deploy algorithms for their targeted use case. It offers services including a file service for sensor data upload and export; a training service to allow users to train and evaluate their own artificial intelligence models; a model service for model life cycle management and on-edge deployments; and decoder service for reconstruction of encoded data streams.


Teraki offers a series of embedded device SDKs capable of covering a wide range of sensor data, including time series, video, and 3D data. These SDKs are built to help users develop on various types of low-powered, edge hardware.


Teraki also offers the DevCenter as a visual interface for the company's overall platform. The DevCenter is structured for intuitive algorithm training and development and allows users to test and configure for accuracy, reduction of latency, and smart data processing. DevCenter can be used to help users model and improve data collection, intelligent processing of data, and help users find the balance between data reduction and desired accuracy.


May 10, 2022
Teraki chooses connectivity platform for the remote control of its delivery robots.
December 18, 2019
Teraki raises a $11,000,000 series A round from Horizons Ventures.
September 27, 2018
Teraki raises a $3,000,000 seed round from GPS Ventures GmbH, Paladin Capital Group and hub:raum.

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Teraki raises $11 million to speed up computing on resource-constrained devices


December 17, 2019

TerakiTM chooses connectivity platform for the remote control of its delivery robots


May 10, 2022


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