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Swae is a platform which attempts to aid groups, companies, and organizations in making optimal decisions for each respective entity. Its headquarters are located in Vancouver, Canada and was founded in 2018.

Swae is a Vancouver-based software company that has programs and features with the stated goal of optimizing decision-making processes for its users. It is intended for use by companies, government entities, and associations that want to streamline their decision making without bias that may occur when conducting proposal meetings face-to-face.


Once an entity has embraced Swae as a decision-making platform, the members within the organization or company are then given the opportunity to propose new ideas and debate and vote on existing ideas with complete anonymity. The intended result of this feature is to allow members or employees to express themselves fully without the fear of consequences or backlash.

If a user's goal is to present a new idea, Swae uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create a way through which the user can present the idea coherently and concisely. Those ideas are then scrutinized by the other cohorts of the entity and the ideas that are most popular can be considered for implementation by the company.


July 19, 2018
Global Challenges Foundation

Soushiant Zanganepour presents at a Global Challenges Foundation event.

January 2, 2018
Swae is founded

Swae is founded by Soushiant Zanganehpour.


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