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Squadra Ventures

Squadra Ventures

Squadra Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. It is headed by Guy Filippelli.

Squadra Ventures is a venture capital firm headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. The firm was launched in 2019 by Guy Filippelli. It primarily invests in technology companies. Squadra Ventures provides pre-seed through Series A funding in the amounts between $500,000 to $1.5 million to companies in the defense technology, cyber security, data analytics, and enterprise software sectors. Squadra primarily invests in companies located in the mid-Atlantic region.


In September 2019, Squadra led a fundraising round for Shift5, a company that provides cybersecurity for various large transportation systems like rail and metro, helicopters, commercial aircraft, and defense systems. They helped raise $2.5 million. In November 2019, the firm made its first Baltimore investment in enterprise and charitable giving software company Pinkaloo Technologies. In February 2020, Squadra led a $1.5 million funding round for the company Instant Teams. Instant Teams created a software for a workplace platform for military spouses. In June 2020, Squadra led a growth financing round for the company Privva, raising an undisclosed amount of money. In September 2020, Squadra led a seed funding round for the company Care Advisors. In October 2021, Squadra and 644 other venture capital funds participated in a $20 million funding round for Shift5.


October 2021
Squadra helps raise $20 million for Shift5.
September 2020
Squadra leads seed round for Care Advisors.
June 2020
Squadra leads a growth financing round for Privva.
February 2020
Squadra leads a funding round for Instant Teams, raising $1.5 million.
November 2019
Squadra invests in Pinkaloo Technologies.
September 2019
Squadra leads a fundraising round for Shift5 and raises $2.5 million.
Squadra Ventures is formed.

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