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SenaHill Partners

SenaHill Partners

SenaHill Partners is a company founded in 2013 by Justin Brownhill.

SenaHill Partners is a merchant bank founded in 2013 and headquartered in New York City. The firm offers a full suite of investment, operating and advisory services to companies operating in the financial technology sector.

SenaHill works to get investment opportunities in the right people. As former operators with incredible domain expertise in the financial technology space, they view their client's business from the perspective of experience. Their business model includes two primary and complementary offerings: Principal investing with the SenaHill Investment Group, LLC and investment banking with SenaHill Advisors, LLC.

Principal Investing

SenaHill Partners assist their clients throughout their company's lifecycle, from inception and capital raising, through scaling and growth. They are driven to build sustainable businesses and create franchises that can stand-alone or have successful exits. As partners they offer insight and advice while helping their client achieve their strategic objectives. SenaHill Partners also offers their portfolio companies their network of advisors which invest in and scale financial technology companies, while offering portfolio companies access to larger networks and strategic customers, and their advisors access to emerging financial technologies.

Investment Banking

SenaHill Partners investment banking offers merger and acquisition , advisory and capital raising services and transactions in the financial technology sector. Under their SenaHill Advisors, they offer customers help achieving strategic objectives and articulate a companies value while they review strategic alternatives, assess opportunities and execute corporate objectives.


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