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Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto

Pseudonym for the person or group who designed and developed bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym used by the person or group of people who created Bitcoin and published the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008.

In addition to developing the original Bitcoin code, Nakamoto was also the first cryptocurrency miner and is estimated to have amassed nearly 1 million BTC in the early years of mining. The coins have never been moved from their original wallet.

The last public post made under the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym occurred in December 2010. Many speculate that he/they stepped away without revealing his/their true identity to avoid being targeted by governments, as Bitcoin was originally used most promininetly in black markets and became one of the only ways for WikiLeaks to get funding after they were denied service by credit card companies.

There has been speculation over the years as to Nakamoto's true identity, with some of the candidates being:

  • Nick Szabo - has repeatedly denied that he is Satoshi
  • Hal Finney - was the recipient of the first Bitcoin transaction, but has denied being Satoshi. Finney passed away in 2014.
  • Craig Steven Wright - has claimed to be the leader of the Satoshi Nakamoto 'team' consisting of himself and Dave Kleiman. However, he has failed to provide conclusive proof of this claim and has since been nicknamed 'Faketoshi'.
  • Dave Kleiman - became a candidate in 2015 when Gizmodo first reported that he and Craig Wright had been the Satoshi Nakamoto team. Kleiman passed away in 2013 before he was ever publicly tied to the creation of Bitcoin.

Nakamoto's true identity remains in question to this day.




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