QuintoAndar is a Brazilian company who offers an online rental platform which allows renters to find a rental without a co-signer, deposit or rental insurance and offers landlords protection against insolvent renters.

QuintoAndar offers a platform where users can explore, book, rent, and promote properties online. They use a proprietary credit analysis algorithm to take care of contract compliance and erase the need for renters to have co-signers, deposits, or rental insurance.

They guarantee landlords they will get their rent every month; guaranteed through QuintoAndar's credit analysis and insurance program. They offer landlords protection against damages to their property and a network of service providers to repair or maintain a property through their platform.

Through their platform, and their app, renters can book a viewing to an apartment. The viewing can be accompanied by a certified rental agent. The rental agent is coordinated in a fashion similar to Uber drivers.

After viewing, the renter can negotiate directly with the landlord, sign the rental contract online along with their rental guarantees.


Started by CEO Gabriel Braga and CTO André Penha in 2013, QuintoAndar initially offered an online marketplace where tenants and landlords could search for each while working to eliminate the need for guarantors, rental insurance or deposits.

Seed Round

Announced in August of 2012, QuintoAndar raised $1.1 million. Investors included Social Capital, Mauricio Feldman, Marcelo Sampaio, Julio Vasconcellos, João Ventura, Jeremie Corcos, Fernando Gadotti, Brian Requarth, and Andréa Ventura.

Series A

In February of 2016, QuintoAndar raised $7 million. Kaszek Ventures led the round, with participation from GE32 Capital and Brian Requarth.

Google Launchpad Accelerator

QuintoAndar participated in the Google Launchpad Accelerator in 2016, where they received $50 thousand.

Series B

QuintoAndar raised $12.3 million in December of 2016. Acacia Partners led the investment round, which included Qualcomm Ventures and Kaszek Ventures.

Series C

In December 2018 QuintoAndar announced they raised $64 million in funding. General Atlantic led the round, which included Kaszek Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, and QED Investors.

QuintoAndar committed the funds to consolidate operations in Belo Horizonte, Brasília, and Goiânia, open operations in Porto Alegre and Curitiba, and strengthen partnerships with Brazil's main real-estate agencies.

Series D

Softbank led QuintoAndar's $250 million Series D. The round, which finished September 2019, included investments from Kaszek Ventures, Dragoneer Investments Group, and General Atlantic.


September 2019
QuintoAndar raises a $250,000,000 series D round from Dragoneer Investment Group, General Atlantic, Kaszek Ventures and SoftBank Group.
November 2018
QuintoAndar raises a $64,000,000 series C round from General Atlantic, Kaszek Ventures, QED Investors, Qualcomm Ventures and Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb.
December 2016
QuintoAndar raises a $12,600,000 series B round from Acacia Capital Partners and Qualcomm Ventures.
February 2016
QuintoAndar raises a $7,000,000 series A round from Brian Requarth, GE32 Capital and Kaszek Ventures.
August 2012
QuintoAndar raises a $1,100,000 seed round from Brian Requarth, Fernando Gadotti, Julio Vasconcellos and Social Capital.

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QuintoAndar funding round, September 2019
September 2019
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