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A software company offering a low-code development platform for creating mobile business forms.

ProntoForms, originally called TrueContext Mobile Solutions, is a software company offering a low-code development platform for creating mobile business forms that is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario and was founded in 2001 by Alvaro Pombo and Kevin McGuire. Popular uses for the ProntoForms platform include: COVID-19 response, inspections & audits, incident & safety hazards, installation & maintenance, heavy manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, small business/accounting, field service management, safety management, fleet management, and enterprise asset management. Notable customers of ProntoForms include: AAA, BP, Pepsi, Toshiba, Unilever, PG&E, Boston Scientific, Halliburton, NCR, Sodexo, Air Canada, and Worley.


The company's low-code platform offers enterprise-grade capabilities for building and deploying mobile forms used by field workers, operations executives, business leaders, and IT directors. The ProntoForms platforms enable field teams to create contextual applications for reliably and efficiently tracking their work. ProntoForms can integrate with other field management systems and back-office systems to help companies create a 100% digital workflow.

Application and mobile form builder

The ProntoForms application and mobile form builders uses a drag-and-drop approach to build fillable forms for mobile devices, creating workflows, and integrating back-end systems. Forms can be split into multiple pages with distinct sections, and have a specific rule sets for triggering follow-up actions such as alerts, data storage, system integrations, customer emails, and stakeholder notification. All forms have conditional logic rules for managing the viewing and editing of workflows and form relationships.

Users are able to create forms with customizable mobile-native data inputs methods for each part of their forms using multiple options for drop-down menus, color-coded button groups, photo/sketch capture, audio capture, and GPS stamps. Once forms are created using the application and mobile form builder they are able to be connected with back-office software and cloud services, link to data sources, and integrate with other software systems all on the form page itself; users are not required to navigate to multiple pages to integrate their forms with other software systems. Forms, even partially filled forms, are able to be sent to both individual users and groups of users for completion.

The ProntoForms application and mobile form builder allows users to create form templates for re-use containing a pre-defined set of form characteristics. Users are also able to make bulk edits to forms allowing them to save time managing large and/or repetitive tasks related to their forms. The ProntoForms platform can build connections with over 10 million cells of data making it capable of enterprise-grade data source management.

Mobile application

The ProntoForms mobile application allows users to dispatch partially filled forms with notes and due dates, fill out and submit mobile forms offline that get auto-sent once the device gets back on a network connection, capture and draw on pictures without leaving the form, pin jobs to a map for recording time and location, automate calculations (time spent on a job, taxes, materials, discounts, estimate totals, etc...), camera to text, document scanning, and search through data contained in multiple forms. The application is optimized for saving users cellular data by only downloading updated information for each form instead of downloading entire forms repeatedly. Users can also hide and show pages or sections of a form, auto-fill parts of the form, and modify answers to save time entering data using the ProntoForms mobile application.


Alvaro Pombo and Kevin McGuire founded ProntoForms in 2001 in Ottawa, Canada under the name of TrueContext Mobile Solutions. On September 15, 2005 TrueContext Mobile became a public company and began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol PFM.

Two years after going public the company launched their Pronto platform in the United States and made it available for Blackberry and Windows based mobile devices that would later become available for IOS and Android devices. The Pronto platform was an on-demand service allowing users to create field force automations featuring a mobile smart client with ready-to-use mobile applications, a simple configuration, and a secure web-based data management system. Alvaro Pomo, the founder, president and executive chairman at the time, made the following statements about the company launching their product in the United States:

We are very pleased to be making Pronto available to customers in the United States. Many organizations in the US have been interested in our ability to quickly and flexibly automate field force processes without a heavy IT burden or large upfront custom software investment. US businesses can start enjoying those benefits today with Pronto.

In 2013 ProntoForms announced selling some of its patents for $875,000 to offset some of the company's net losses from 2012, and also changed its name from TrueContext Mobile Solutions to ProntoForms. The sale of the patents brought the net losses of ProntoForms over the past year prior to the sale of the patents from $2 million to $361,288.


On October 29, 2019 ProntoForms announced a new partnership agreement with ServicePower, a company making field service (FSM) management software, to improve ServicePower's FSM solutions. The senior vice president of ProntoForm's business development team made the following statement about the company's partnership with ServicePower:

The partnership with ServicePower highlights how an already powerful platform can go the extra mile to eliminate any remaining paper processes with ProntoForms. We help already robust FSM platforms easily create low-code workflows that integrate with multiple cloud systems. We strive to help FSM solutions push their data collection to the next level, and the ServicePower partnership is a great example of this in action.
Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Award for Mobile Innovation Award, 2006

In 2006 ProntoForms won the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Award for Mobile Innovation for their Microsoft Windows Mobile software technology platform.


In 2016 ProntoForms made the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) top 20 most innovative Canadian companies list. ProntoForms presented at the CIX Public Investor Day on November 23, 2016 alongside 19 other companies.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50

On November 16, 2016 ProntoForms made the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list for the top 50 fastest growing technology companies. ProntoForms made the list after delivering a 269% growth in revenue from 2012 to 2015. The CEO of ProntoForms, Alvaro Pombo, made the following statements about making the Deloitte Technology Fast 50:

We are the leader in a market assessed at more than 42 million subscribers in North America alone. Our rapid growth is a testament to the quality of our platform, team, and go-to-market strategy. We are honored to be recognized by Deloitte, and we look forward to expanding our presence in the growing mobile forms and workflows space.
Supreme Software 2017 Award

In 2017 ProntoForms won the Supreme Software 2017 Award by FinancesOnline for their form automation platform. Finances Online described ProntoForms when giving the award as:

An effective and proven solution for companies to track, analyze, and continuously improve field operations, and enable a data-driven decision-making process [with] actionable dashboards that help management teams optimize business performance.
Best Forms Automation Software 2018 Award

In 2018 ProntoForms won the Best Forms Automation Software Award by FinancesOnline. FinancesOnline gave ProntoForms the award after giving them a user satisfaction rating of 96% and a total score of 9.4 out of 10 for their fully integrated interface and enterprise-grade functionalities.

Experts Choice 2019 Award

In 2019 ProntoForms won the Experts Choice 2019 award by FinancesOnline for their professional SaaS products ability to offer practical industry solutions.

G2 Winter 2020 Grid Report for Mobile Forms Automation leader

ProntoForms was named the category leader, momentum leader, and company most likely to be recommended awards on the G2 Winter 2020 Grid Report for Mobile Form Automation.


G2 Winter 2020 Grid Report for Mobile Forms Automation leader
October 29, 2019
ProntoForms announced a new partnership agreement with ServicePower
October 21, 2019
ProntoForms raises a $750,000 grant from National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program.
Won the Best Forms Automation Software 2018 Award by FinancesOnline
Won the Supreme Software 2017 Award
November 16, 2016
Made Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list
August 29, 2016
ProntoForms raises a $4,000,000 private equity.
Made the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) top 20 most innovative Canadian companies list
September 3, 2015
ProntoForms raises a $3,000,000 private equity.
March 13, 2014
ProntoForms raises a $1,000,000 private equity.

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