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Planetary Hydrogen

Planetary Hydrogen

Planetary Hydrogen is a Gatineau-based company developing hydrogen processing and distribution solutions, as well as carbon capture and storage solutions.

Planetary Hydrogen produces the most eco-friendly hydrogen on Earth which, when combined with biofuels, enables the production of drop-in carbon-negative fuels. When accounting for the cost of carbon, the company's hydrogen can be the cheapest in the world. Planetary Hydrogen removes carbon dioxide and restores the ocean chemistry, by removing 40kg of carbon dioxide from the air for each 1kg of hydrogen produced.

The carbon being captured by the company turns into bicarbonate that fights ocean acidification. Planetary Hydrogen strongly believes that negative emissions technologies are necessary to properly combat climate change, thereby having a technology that positively impacts the environment and helps the world progress towards a clean energy future.

Carbon-negative fuel

Fuels are typically produced using a carbon source, such as oil, and hydrogen. Some carbon sources, like corn oil and direct air captured (DAC) carbon dioxide take their carbon out of the current atmosphere and thus don’t add any new carbon to the atmosphere when they’re burned. When one of these sources of carbon is combined with the company's negative-emissions hydrogen, the result is a carbon-negative fuel.


The patented Planetary Hydrogen Ocean Air Capture (OAC) technology uses renewable electricity to produce hydrogen via conventional electrolysis of water. The company calls the process SeaOH2. This innovation is adding a mineral salt, forcing the electrolysis cell to also create an atmosphere-scrubbing compound called mineral hydroxide as a waste product. That hydroxide actively binds with carbon dioxide, producing an “ocean antacid” very similar to baking soda.

The net effect is the direct air capture and storage of CO2 while producing valuable pure hydrogen. The system can consume as much as 40kg of CO2 and permanently stores it for every 1kg of hydrogen it produces.

Ocean air capture

The core of the process is their innovative Ocean Air Capture (OAC) system which removes GHG’s from the air while it restores the local ocean chemistry. With OAC, Planetary Hydrogen removes carbon dioxide directly from the air or captures it from a concentrated source like a power plant, and permanently stores carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


August 24, 2020
Planetary Hydrogen raises a $600,000 angel round from Capital Angel Network and Ramen Ventures.
Planetary Hydrogen was founded by Brock Battochio and Mike Kelland.

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