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Parasanti is a Texas-based provider of machine learning software and edge computing infrastructure to bring cloud computing to various industries.


Parasanti is a developer of fully integrated solutions to meet data analytic challenges through edge computing hardware and software developed for low- or no-bandwidth environments. The company's machine learning is lightweight to allow for data aggregation and manipulation and to collect information in real time from any source while maintaining data provenance and lineage. Parasanti's solutions are developed to operate in the cloud and independently at the edge, to give users flexibility. The solution is aimed at industries including agriculture, energy, defense, and space industries.

Parasanti was founded in 2019 by CEO James Hancock and CTO Joshua Seagraves. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with an office in Dallas. It was founded with the goal of making insight extraction easy and accessible and operational in no- and low-bandwidth environments to help develop new systems for the use of data.


The Parasanti platform, also called the Parasanti Package by the company, is designed to help users complete tasks, offering a modular and flexible open architecture hardware and software capable of ingesting and fusing sensor data from all IoT devices. The package is composed of three parts: Dawn, which is the hardware; NightFall, which is a data orchestration platform; and DayBreak, a user interface. All three parts compose the full solution, which allows for the processing of inputs from any source, the application of machine learning models to data in-flight, and the generation of insights for users. The platform is built to work without networks and to offer rapid processing speeds.


Dawn is an in-the-field server designed and tested to work in remote and rugged environments while optimized for data processing to ensure rapid data speed. The device offers users a chance for mobile computing power to power compute-heavy artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads without a network connection or a cloud connection. The Dawn unit is 1067 rated, protecting it from environmental concerns and protecting data from outside actors with encryption software and an ability to geofence, allowing the data to be secured when removed from an area.

Example of the NightFall data processing and connection layer.

Parasanti's NightFall is the backbone of the company's solution and is a data integration designed to connect to any data source, clean the data, and deliver production-ready insights. The NightFall platform was developed with modularity and flexibility to ensure it would work with existing and future technologies. NightFall offers data lineage and provenance to ensure data points, and insights can be sourced to ensure data integrity and provide a layer of protection against malicious manipulation of the data. Further, NightFall is capable of processing geospatial data and geofenced imagery and has been used for commercial and DoD sectors.

Example of the DayBreak visualization layer.

DayBreak is Parasanti's user interface and visualization tool built on top of users' data to help users to find what data they need and to filter out the rest of the data. This visualization layer, when paired when Parasanti's other parts of the platform, is built to show users what is going on in real time and deliver an operating picture for decision-makers in a format designed to be digestible.


August 16, 2022
National Infrastructure Innovation Challenge announces competitors for $50,000 in prizes, with finalists including Parasanti, Inc., Phoenix Tailings, EnKoat, Disaster Tech, and GridMatrix.
July 6, 2022
Parasanti joins Chevron Technology Ventures Catalyst Program.
July 9, 2021
Hypergiant, Parasanti, and Oracle are part of a $950 million JADC2 contract from the U.S. Department of Defense.
July 1, 2021
Halliburton Labs Selects Four Companies for Clean Energy Accelerator: Alumina Energy, Ionada, Parasanti, and SurgePower Materials.

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