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Orchid Software

Orchid Software is a trading name of Orchidsoft Ltd., a developer of intranet portal and cloud collaboration software, founded in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and relocated to Gateshead, UK in 2008. In 2016 the company also began trading as Oak Intranet.

Company History

Orchid Software was founded by Ajay Sood who received a £3500 loan and support from The Prince's Trust in 1994. Orchid Software was formed to develop traditional desktop PC software relating to the management of ISO 9000 standards. However, in 1997 a migration to bespoke, server-based software development was made, utilising the web server capabilities of Microsoft Internet Information Services. Initial web-based software applications included a Waste Disposal Management application, an Internal Audit Management application, a Shipping Container tracking application, and several database-driven websites with accompanying back-end content management applications. The features shared between these applications led to the development of Orchidnet, an intranet framework and portal solution which included 70 business applications and which was compatible with most popular web browsers.

Software Development History

Desktop software products (1994-1997)

CQM was a DOS-based application for the IBM-compatible PC which facilitated the management of ISO9000 standards within an organisation’s quality management system.

Phoenix was a Microsoft Windows application which facilitated the management of ISO9000 standards within an organisation’s quality management system.

Web-based software development (1997-2000)

Waste Disposal Manager

Internal Audit Manager

Y2K Discussion Forum

Shipping Container Tracking

Content Management Systems

Orchidnet (2000-2018)

Orchidnet was a customisable intranet portal which brought together over 60 standard applications and 8 optional applications based on a common authentication and authorisation model. A common search facility was also provided. An Orchidnet site could be divided into departments, projects, and other business functions where applications would be installed in isolation of one another. Applications included content management tools, communication tools, form and workflow tools, personnel and absence management tools, an e-learning platform, a customer service desk, risk management and an expense manager. The software was actively developed for 17 years, and as an on-premise solution it was mainly sold to medium and large-sized organisations in the UK.

Oak Intranet (2016-)

Oak Intranet is an intranet portal and cloud collaboration service hosted on the internet. The software is a successor to Orchidnet in that it shares many of the same applications but has been entirely re-developed to be deployed as software as a service.

The domain name oak.com was purchased by Orchid Software from a private seller in 2012. A companion mobile app for oak.com is also available on the iOS App Store and Google Play.




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