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Omnes Capital

Omnes Capital

French venture capital firm investing on companies globally.

Omnes Capital is a venture capital firm established in 1999. It is primarily based in Paris, France, although it also has offices in Bruxelles, Belgium and Zurich, Switzerland. As of March 2019, the firm has 90 companies in its portfolio and has sold off its ownership in 234 companies. Its most recent investment was for Therapixel in March 2019, a company developing medical imaging software.


Omnes Capital provides funding for companies worldwide, with previous investments in North America (United States), Europe (e.g., France, Germany, and United Kingdom), Asia (e.g., Japan), and Oceania (e.g., Australia and New Zealand). The firm finances companies at various stages, from seed-stage to buyouts. It also invests in business operating at diverse industries, such as transportation infrastructure, hospitality, and cloud applications. Omnes Capital has managed to amass a total fund of €3.6 billion since its founding, with its most recent funding round held in December 2018. During this round, the firm succeeded in raising €72 million in funds.


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