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Oaken (blockchain)

Oaken (blockchain)

Oaken is an IoT hardware and blockchain software platform developed to power smart cities.

Oaken is an internet of things (IoT) hardware and blockchain software platform developed by Oaken Innovations. Oken was built to power smart cities and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and was founded by Hudson Jameson, James Johnson, John Gerryts, and Laney Fisher. The Oaken platform provides blockchain solutions and services for device identity, device ownership, device lease agreements, device insurance, and device taxes. The Oaken platform is currently offering users inbound payments for car sharing and lease agreements, vehicle identity and vehicle history information, and outbound payment services for toll roads.

Oken is built to be a secure, autonomous, blockchain-based machine to machine IoT platform that provides the underlying infrastructure needed to power smart cities through integration with existing systems and processes. The Oaken blockchain is made for device identification, device ownership tracking, lease agreements, insurance, and tax. Companies and organizations collaborating with Oaken include: Toyota Research Institute, Texas Department of Transportation, U.S Department of Transportation, Texas A&M University, the University of Texas, and Blockchain at Berkeley.



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