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Newlight Technologies

Newlight Technologies

A carbon sequestration technology and bioplastics company based in Huntington Beach, California, founded in 2003, that uses their technology to capture carbon from greenhouse emissions for production of bioplastics.

Founded out of Princeton University and Northwestern University, Newlight Technologies developed a carbon capture process that captures methane emissions and carbon dioxide emissions and converts it into a PHA-based biopolymer material called AirCarbon. This conversion uses a proprietary biocatalyst derived from microorganisms. The AirCarbon is purified from the reactor system in the form of a pellet that can be melted and formed into shapes. Unlike most plastics that are produced by connecting molecules together in a reactor, PHAs (polyhydroxyalkanoates) are synthesised by microorganisms and are biodegradable in soil, freshwater and seawater.

In 2016 Newlight and IKEA entered a supply, collaboration and technology agreement in which IKEA will purchase 50% of the AirCarbon material and IKEA has exclusive rights within the home furnishings industry to use Newlight’s carbon capture technology for its home furnishing products.


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