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Netwealth Investments

Netwealth Investments

The London-based Netwealth offers technology-enhanced wealth management with advice from seasoned advisors.

Netwealth was formed in 2015 by Charlotte Ransom and Thomas Salter in response to their research finding a core financial consumer base was either underinvested or unhappily invested due to concerns over cost, transparency, performance and quality with current investment management.

Wealth Management

They developed their wealth management platform based on their philosophy of combining elements of traditional discretionary wealth management in a technology-enhanced approach. Their approach allows clients to choose their wealth objectives, risk tolerance and account type. Netwealth centralizes their portfolio managers, meaning no individual manages an individual portfolio and work to lower investment costs through tax allowances.

Portfolio Cost Calculator

Netwealth developed their Portfolio Cost Calculator to help potential clients understand for what and where they pay wealth managers. These costs can include annual management charges (AMC), VAT, custody and platform charges, transaction (trading) costs, tax reporting and underlying investment fund fees.


Netwealth's fees are graded according to the invested amount. They charge 0.9% for up to £249,999 invested and 0.6% for at least £500,000 invested. Certain fees associated with funds invested in are satisfied from returns. And for any client who wishes to speak to one of Netwealth's advisors, they charge on a separate hourly basis.

Account Types
General Investment Accounts (GIA) and Junior GIA's

Generalized accounts allowing clients to invest in any combination of Netwealth's risk tolerances and available in GBP, EUR or USD base currencies.


The personal pension accounts allows clients to consolidate existing pension and save towards retirement. They also allow clients to control how and when they want to draw an income once retired.

ISAs and JISAs

Netwealth allows clients to invest through their individual savings account (ISA) which, in the UK, is tax-free.

Charity, Trust and Corporate Accounts

Netwealth helps clients meet any fiduciary needs for charities, trusts or corporate accounts.

Interviewed by FiNews in September 2019, Netwealth CEO and founder Charlotte Ransom indicated the average portfolio size at Netwealth was £400,000. She attributes attracting larger portfolio's to Netwealth's quality of advice paired with the simplicity of their wealth management platform.

Angel round

In May of 2016, Netwealth raised £6.5 million. Investors included Rosemary Leith, Eduard Bonham Carter and Ed Wray.

Second funding round

An undisclosed round announced in September 2017 raised £10 million for Netwealth. Investors included Dame Alison Carnwarth, Julian Mash, David Peacock, John Weiss and Sir Alan Parker.

Third funding round

In another undisclosed round, Netwealth raised £10 million. Michael Spencer led the round, which included investment from Jim Mellon.




Charlotte Ransom

Founder and CEO

Chris Arnold

Chief Technical Officer

Christ Charlton

Chief Financial Officer

Francisco van Zeller

Chief Marketing Officer

Gerard Lyons

Chief Economic Strategist

Iain Barnes

Head of Portfolio Management

Matt Conradi

Head of Client Advisory

Michael Harden

Head of Compliance and MLRO

Rachel Willox

Head of Operations and Client Service

Thomas Salter

Founder and COO

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