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Mirreco is a Perth-based carbon capture and storage company using the stored product to grow hemp for industrial and architectural applications.

Mirreco focuses on hemp R&D, hemp processors, carbon capture, polymer chains, carbon asset storage technology, and carbon architecture. The company is a progressive company driving the explosive potential of industrial hemp and commercializing successful opportunities from the emerging multi-billion dollar industry. Mirreco also drives downstream demand for hemp-based products. Mirreco leads the way, producing products made from hemp (a renewable resource) and offering significant cost, time, and labor efficiencies. The company collaborates with leaders to improve agricultural and industrial productivity, carbon-capture, and biodiversity initiatives.

Mirreco focuses its R&D, also known as research and development, expenditure on two important areas - collaborative research, and in-house research. Collaborative research centers on complimentary research partnerships undertaken with key stakeholders in the hemp industry and beyond, while the latter is about in-house data collected on Mirreco's processing and carbon capture utilization and storage technologies. Data analysis enables Mirreco to better understand the potential behind future applications for the technologies and to further develop, test, and commercialize – leveraging business opportunities as they arise.


Hemp processing machines
Mirreco PRO-CAST® Hemp Processing

Mirreco designs a prototype mobile hemp processor named PRO-CAST®, which processes hemp into quality-controlled particulates for use in a range of CAST® products. Several steps are required before PRO-CAST® can be commercialized for the benefit of the wider hemp industry.

Mirreco supports hemp growers and industry collaborators by providing pathways for them to scale – with technologies and the resulting efficiencies driving deeper demand for hemp. This ultimately connects growers into a greater number of diverse downstream product offerings, with the potential to drive entirely new industries, supply chains, and employment opportunities.

CAST and polymer chains

Through Mirreco’s CAST® technology, industries make the right triple bottom line choices, reducing their environmental, social and fiscal risks and stay competitive in a lower-emissions future. The technology creates more demand for hemp and an increasing number of growers are needed to feed an ever-growing hemp product supply chain. Carbon-neutral products are produced through Mirreco’s proprietary CAST® (Carbon Asset Storage Technology) in combination with hemp and unique manufacturing processes. It is also cost-effective, above-ground carbon-capture, utilization, and storage.

Carbon capture

Mirreco draws down carbon through regional farming partnerships and from the manufacture of hemp bio-composite products. Organizations too are adopting Mirreco’s CAST® to draw down their carbon. Mirreco’s CAST® helps organizations demonstrate climate leadership, meet their sustainability objectives, economic and commercial responsibilities in line with renewed regulatory parameters. In addition, valuable carbon credits (carbon banks) can be generated from the investment, at a later date.

Carbon architecture

In addition, CAST® polymer chain technology becomes the basis for MIRRECO’s ability to produce world-class carbon architecture. The company shows fast-turnaround green building solutions and methods replacing many archaic, environmentally damaging construction practices.


Transitioning to Carbon-zero construction is now a necessity and the LUMECAST® Display Lab is a demonstration in sustainable luxury living for ongoing research, data collection & performance analytics. LUMECAST® offers an innovative turnkey solution to the excessive carbon footprint of the construction industry. Designed for modern living, LUMECAST® facilitates energy-conscious, sustainable buildings – created from Mirreco’s Hemp CAST® building system – with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

In a manufacturing process conceived and pioneered by Mirreco, LUMECAST® Carbon Architecture uses and stores industrial CO2, which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, allowing the carbon footprint of LUMECAST® buildings to be further reduced.


October 14, 2019
Mirreco was founded by Richard Evans.


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