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Mintbase allows users to create, sell, and buy NFTs as art, songs, tickets, photography

About Mintbase

Mintbase is a toolkit that allows anyone to create Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) without worrying about technical complexities.

The first and most hyped use-case for NFT’s has been Art. Although we love to see artists using this technology (and thriving!), we know the full potential of purposeful NFTs is not being fully explored yet. What does that mean? We believe in NFTs with practical applications and use cases: membership access, ticketing, communal projects, redeemable NFTs and so much more.

For us, NFTs represent the grounds for a new financial system. By providing verifiable digital ownership, the possibilities created are endless: they’re scarce, interoperable and cryptographically secure. With our split royalties and revenue features, collaborative projects have a whole other way to deal with their finances.

At Mintbase, everyone gets their own smart contract and can add several minters to their store. Think “Shopify for NFTs”: People can create their stores to sell music, art, tickets, memberships and much more. In a nutshell, anything can be tokenized. The Mintbase interface can easily be used, but via our SDK anyone can spin off their own NFT marketplaces.


February 9, 2022
5 Reasons to Mint your NFT on Mintbase - Mintbase - Medium

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