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MetaDerby is a Free-to-Play & Earn horse racing game built on Avalanche network, in which players can breed, race and trade their own NFT horses, as well as ...

What is MetaDerby (DBY)?

MetaDerby is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where players can earn tokens and real money with free-to-play features on Avalanche. In MetaDerby, players can participate in horse racing, horse breeding, buying lands and building on lands to breed unique horses or host races.

Each Racehorse is a non-fungible token (NFT) with four Genotypes: BloodLine, Acceleration (Gene X), Aggressiveness (Gene Y) and Sprint Speed (Gene Z), where each Genotype represents an underlying ability of the horse. They can be entered into a race where a total of 12 horses will compete against each other in a single race. These Racehorses can be bred to produce a new offspring, which can be used or sold in the MetaDerby marketplace or any other NFT marketplace.

Derby (DBY) is the governance token in MetaDerby which can be used for Metaverse land purchase and key governance votes.

Who are the Founders of MetaDerby?

MetaDerby was co-founded by Mike, Karm and Muse.

Mike entered the crypto industry in 2017 and invested in over 50 projects in pre-sale/seed round until 2019. Mike dived into NFT and extended his interest into crypto gaming in 2021. Prior to his crypto career, Mike had over one decade’s experience in financial investment in the casino gaming industry.

Karm is a hardcore gamer for years and ran his Axie Infinity guild before he decided to create a more sustainable and entertaining crypto gaming project - thus he drove the initiative of MetaDerby and wrote the algorithm. Karm is also a senior developer of over 10 years in front-end and mobile app development. He was the tech lead of Binance.US.

Muse started her crypto career as a journalist in 2017. She joined Binance in 2018 as a global PR manager. Starting early 2020, Muse led growth and operations in a key Binance fiat-to-crypto business line, and grew the business from scratch to 2 million weekly active users within 2 years.

What makes MetaDerby unique?

Free-to-play model: Beginners can get a free horse to enter races via completing the tasks, making it more friendly for new players. The F2P model will be an efficient user acquisition approach.

Dual token model with more diverse gameplay: MetaDerby adopts a dual token model - a governance token $DBY and a gaming token $HOOF In the MetaDerby game, players can participate in various gameplays for earnings, including racing, breeding, prediction and land system. Our game mechanism generates a more dynamic game economics and drive the user engagement.

Create-to-earn model: We plan to introduce a land system in the long run, allowing users to buy their lands and build their stables/hippodromes/jockey clubs and host their own gameplay. Thus our players can participate in the game creation and create more earnings.


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March 14, 2022
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February 23, 2022
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$DBY Launches to the Public!



April 25, 2022



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