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Legion Network

Legion Network

Legion Network is a blockchain ecosystem that combines the best services in the industry in to one Super App.

Legion Network is the first super blockchain ecosystem that combines the best services in the industry in one Super App.

From Crypto wallets to NFTs, all the way to Gaming and Software as a service.

Legion Network promises to make the NFT world a better place by developing a blockchain-based ecosystem that leverages its technology to content creators, brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs whilst taking their creative potential to the next level. Legion network empowers entrepreneurs, creators, and influencers in the NFT world by developing a blockchain-based ecosystem connecting them and helping them unleash their potential using cutting-edge technologies. Legion Network envisions introducing new categories of NFT buyers into the Global NFT Economics. These include large and renowned corporate brands, celebrities, influencers and game developers to collaborate and engage with their audiences to generate art and boost their popularity. Game developers can crowdsource their design concepts to create unique weapons and skins for their players. The best aspect is that all these developers benefit from NFT technology and work without fearing anyone stealing their ideas and creations.

The Revolutionary Blockchain-based Ecosystem Legion Network Promises

1. Bluemoon

● NFT-based collaboration platform and marketplace connecting brands with creators

● Generate novel concepts for packaging, visual brand assets, products, advertisements, music/content for ads, etc.

● Each piece triggers an NFT that belongs to the original creator

● Celebrities and influencers can engage with their fans and audiences to generate art and boost their growth and popularity.

● Game developers can connect with gamers and use crowdsourcing to create NFTs for designs and skins.

● Protects the creator’s ownership rights and also enables earning royalties on each subsequent transaction

2. Arcadia & Rewards

● An interactive gaming platform where players can challenge each other and win cash and NFT prizes.

● Besides, they can earn LGX for each game they play on the platform.

● Get the chance to enter a weekly draw and win prizes by completing diverse tasks every week.

● Allow businesses to enhance their exposure to the community who get rewards in return.

3. Bizpad

● Offer innovative solutions to help businesses access software required to grow further.

● Range of software solutions available that provide consistent value by introducing innovative applications and features

● Get the benefit of Synergy, Legion’s flagship SAAS product with excellent project management features.

● Cloud CRM system and Accounting system being developed in the pipeline


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Legion Network


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