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Leap (energy company)

Leap (energy company)

Leap enables real-time automated trading for DERs on global energy markets, regardless of capacity, availability and location.

Leap allows every connected device to help balance the grid, and get paid for it. Access wholesale markets through a single API and help build the flexible, renewable grid of the future. During peak hours when demand for energy is high, grid operators offer financial incentives to reduce energy use in order to balance the grid. Combined with other participants, those resources form a virtual power plant. Grid operators pay Leap's virtual plant just as they do for traditional power plants, and Leap pays its partners for participating.


January 2020
Leap raises a $8,200,000 series A round from Congruent Ventures, Elemental Excelerator, FJ Labs, National Grid Partners and Union Square Ventures.
November 2018
Leap raises a $2,400,000 seed round from Congruent Ventures and National Grid Partners.

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