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LOCGame is the collectible strategy card game on the blockchain with play-to-earn and metaverse features.

The genesis metaverse is fully dedicated to the crypto industry pop-culture and the history of cryptocurrencies, with the playable characters like the Whale, Market Make, Bitboy, a DEX Founder and many more. Future metaverses will be announced in 2022. The game is being developed by Rbl Labs, NFT gaming studio from Amsterdam.

At the core of the LOCGame ecosystem is the platform's native $LOCG utility token. $LOCG is a part of Kucoin Metaverse Pool.

LOCG is used for:

Indirect rewards in play-to-earn mechanics;


Access to communities, discounts and perks;


DAO governance;

LOCGame ecosystem includes:

Native NFT marketplace connected to third-parties on Polygon and ETH:

Collectible Strategy Card Game with free-to-play, play-to-earn GameFi features;

In-game reward token that can be used to purchase and upgrade playing cards, stake to earn $LOCG and other rewards.

$LOCG token;

NFT collectible cards. Genesis edition fully dedicated to crypto industry famous characters.

Upcoming games complimentary to LOCGame.

Charity and social responsibility - 10% of the NFT sales goes to a good cause via Little Phil.

How Many LOCG tokens Are There in Circulation?

LOCGame launched on April 28, 2021 in the Netherlands with 150 million LOCG tokens created at genesis. Already c. 2mln tokens were burnt making the total circulating supply as of December 3, 2021 to 148 million LOCG.

Who are the Founders of LOCGame?

LOCGame was founded by Mik Mironov and Lise Lefebvre. Mik Mironov is a founder of Rbl Labs, an NFT gaming studio, he is an Airbnb alumni with extensive experience in blockchain and finance (ABN AMRO, ICORating). Lise is a renowned product designer based in Amsterdam.

Where Can I Buy LOCG ?

LOCG is available for trading on a number of exchanges including Kucoin,, Uniswap and Hotbit.


Funding Rounds


Further Resources


$LOCG Token Burn Mechanism Explained - LOCGame - Medium



December 9, 2021



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