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Kheiron Medical Technologies

Kheiron Medical Technologies

Biomedical Artificial Intelligence company developing products for early cancer detection in the breast.

Kheiron combines deep learning with radiology to find malignancies in mammograms.

Kheiron has a breast screening product called Mia which won an award for Best New Radiology Software in the 2019 EuroMinnies. The company also received CE marking for its breast cancer screening machine learning software, allowing it to be used within the UK National Health Service (NHS) and European healthcare systems.

Kheiron’s software is used as a second reader of mammographic images and clinicians receive results within seconds. The product could reduce the screening workload on clinical staff. Depending on the algorithm’s findings certain studies can be prioritised. The product aims to make breast cancer detection more efficient and more accurate as detecting cancer at an earlier stage.

An independent multi-center clinical study evaluated the performance of their software and found that it surpassed recognized standards for accuracy with single radiologist reporting.


September 2019
Kheiron Medical Technologies raises a $22,000,000 series A round from Atomico, Connect Ventures, Exor, Greycroft and Hoxton Ventures.
Kheiron Medical Technologies was founded by Peter Kecskemethy and Tobias Rijken.

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