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IdeaGPS is a mentorship programs for entrepreneurs and startups founded in 2012 by Anand Ramachandran.

IdeaGPS is a California based company providing mentorship programs for entrepreneurs and startups. The mentoring specializes in business growth aspects of startups with a focus on innovation. The company helps prepare for the disruptions caused by new technology by embracing and using them as opportunities.


The 7 day mentoring is an extension of a class taught in collaboration with Stanford University. Interested candidates have to register for the event through Stanford’s “Continuing Studies” program. Continuing Studies is a program student and individuals can join as special classes for Liberal Arts and Sciences, Creative Writing, and Professional and Personal Development. Courses may be paid, or free and students have grade options if they desire to get grades or college credit.

IdeaGPS’s course is called “Enterprise Innovation Stack” and is categorized under Professional and Personal Development on Stanford’s “Continuing Studies” program. Enterprise Innovation Stack is a framework of course structure to understand the opportunities and risks of entrepreneurship early. The cost of enrolling in this course is $480 per person. The course emphasizes on encouraging innovation inside an organization for business growth. The course material includes use-cases and examples from real companies and industries with workshops to let students get hands-on experiences.

During this program, students learn about techniques to create strategies for innovation within the company, collaborate with external startups and partners, and find and developing opportunities. Students also learn about financing ideas and technical Infrastructure with proper outreach and commercial approach.


Anand Ramachandran founded the company in 2012 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Anand is also an instructor for the mentorship program.



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